How To Present Yourself On The First Date For Women – Part 3

This is the last part for this discussion on tips for women on the first date.

9. Maintain eye contactThis is an extremely important part for ladies. Eye contacts will do great to capture the man’s attention on you. Every chat and smile must come with the eye contact. This will show how much interest you have on your date. You will seem to be distracted if you didn’t have much eye contact with him.

10. Any drinks?Ask him if he wants to have any drinks or snacks. Be attentive to him as well as showing concern will make him feel appreciated.

11. Be home earlyAsk him if he has any plans in his mind. Hint him that you have to be home early as you do not want to get your parents worried. You wouldn’t want to put yourself at risk staying out late. You can also judge your date if he’s responsible for your well-being by agreeing with you going home early, even without you hinting him that you have to go. First impression is really important, ladies.

12. Say thank you – It is a conclusion on how your date goes. Saying thank you and appreciating the date will somewhat determine if you are going out again for the 2nd date. Tell him that you enjoyed the outing much and say thank you for the meal. If you are looking forward to the next outing with him, do tell how much you would love to meet him up again. Ask him to send you a message when he reaches home. Wish him good night before you leave.

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  1. Martini or Vodka appropiate ma? HAHA.

  2. @ Bonny is solely up to wouldn’t want to get drunk on your first date. That’s embarrassing. Don’t you?

    If you are good drinker also, i would suggest you not to go for it even the girl offers as first impression always counts…remember that :)

  3. christy.yong says:

    True, Bonny :)

  4. I must say Christy Yong’s article on various topics on relationships is extraordinary.Organised in a very simple manner while encompassing all important angles towards enhanced relationships.To those who needs confidence and tips please refer to all the articles in the blog as well as upcoming topics.Thanks for your good work Christy and hope everyone will have a lasting and loving relationship with their partners.

  5. christy.yong says:

    Hey Ranjit! Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad that you like my articles and ideas here. Wishing you all the best too in your relationship and I shall keep you posted as well :)

  6. Thanks for your testimonial, Ranjit

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