How to Succeed at Online Dating

Nowadays, more and more couples are finding each other online and it’s not hard to see why.

Being able to search through hundreds of potential matches massively increases your chances of finding someone special before you’ve even met anyone in person.

Here’s how to get the most out of your online dating experience and find love quickly.

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Think about what you want

If you’re not sure who it is you want to meet or why, it won’t be easy to find them. Part of being ready to date is thinking about what you want at this stage in your life. Are you looking for a friend or a long-term partner?

Do you want to start a family or are you looking for someone to travel the world with? The more you think about these things, the better your chances of getting what you want.


List your hobbies

Before you write your profile, think about which of your qualities you want to draw the most attention to. Don’t be tempted to say anything which only sounds impressive if it’s not true.

It might help to make a list of all of your hobbies and interests and then pick a few to expand on in your profile.

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Don’t give up

Online dating isn’t a straightforward journey. There might be days or weeks when you don’t spot anyone you’d like to talk to and you might have a few bad dates.

This is completely normal and doesn’t mean you should give up. With increasing numbers of people signing up to websites such as eHarmony every day, there’s everything to be said for perseverance.


Take time

If you want to meet someone special, you have to be prepared to make an effort. Dedicate some time every day to doing some searches and sending messages to people to increase the amount of dates you have.

Because online dating is so diverse, you can also tailor your searches to find someone who shares the same culture.

For example, Hispanic dating websites allow men and women to meet others who share the same background.


Be open about yourself

If you’re not used to using the internet to get to know people, it might seem a bit strange to be describing yourself to someone through an email.

Try and be as open as possible, although there are certain pieces of personal information it is wise not to divulge (such as your workplace, home address or telephone number).


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  1. Thanks for this fantastic guide. Online dating is hard but it’s very important to keep positive and be patient and you may be pleasantly surprised when you least expect it.

  2. I think the most crucial point of this article is to never give up… Love almost always come when you didn’t expect it. Maybe it is not a good idea to set the absolute goal of finding love, maybe it’s better to think, let’s meet some nice people, and see what happens!

  3. Tamara Johnson says:

    This is GREAT advice – thank you! And I have to throw two cents in as well that even if you’re not looking for love, or your one true soul mate, and you just want to play around online with someone like at you would do well to be honest in your communications and say that you’re not looking for anything serious, and just looking for a friend hook up. You’ll be amazed at how many responses you get from people looking for the exact same thing. And who knows, maybe in your casual endeavors, you may just find that perfect someone.

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