I Love You: More Than Words

Franklin P Jones quoted:
Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Falling in love is easy; but telling someone you love them isn’t always as simple as it seems. As a noun, love is something you give to others; and as a verb, love is a doing. Love is more than just feelings or words, it is an action.

So, how do you do it?

Saying “I love you” doesn’t have to be perfect but the intention and the feeling behind it should be. Undeniably, saying the magical word needs to be sincere and true. If you’re stumped for ideas about how to tell your lover that you love them, here are some tips to get your loving feelings out in the open.

It’s my first time…

Realizing that you love someone is a big step in any relationship. What you might not realize is that it doesn’t always happen over a certain period of time – some people know they love each other in days, while others take months and years.

Saying, “I love you” for the first time can be nerve-wrecking and indeed, it is a joyous experience. So, if you’re a little unsteady and don’t know how to plan this special moment, here are some ideas.

  • Create a special time when you can both be together and alone (but not in a dark alley!). If you tell your partner that you have something important to talk to them about, that will keep them excited for what is about to happen.
  • Say it whenever it feels right. Sometimes, saying, “I love you” without planning it or waiting for the ‘right’ time is better than something more complicated.
  • Don’t expect anything in return. In fact, let them know that they don’t have to repeat what you say.

This was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever received:

“I really can’t bear to keep this to myself any longer… I love you.”

I was speechless, and he held me and said:

“You don’t need to say anything, just know that from the bottom of my heart… I love you.”

It’s just getting started…

Making it to your first anniversary (whether it’s one month, one week or one year) is a great journey that deserves some celebration. You might want to show them just how much you care by doing something that will etch the treasured day on your mind and in your heart.

For example, you could:

  • Find a picture from the first year of your relationship. And with the expertise of the photo professional, change the photo to a black and white portrait for an even bolder effect. Then, have it matted and framed as a gift for your partner.
  • Recreate your first kiss, if you can remember the details. Go to the place where you first kissed, remind your partner of that time, and then kiss again.
  • Choose a small memento to give your partner that they can carry around or hang or store at home. Every 19th of each month and for the past 8 years, Jay slips love notes in her partner’s work shirt to show that their relationship is getting longer and longer with the added notes.

It’s really going somewhere…

With ten or more years under your relationship ‘belt,’ you might want to do something a little more adventurous and dramatic for your anniversary. But that doesn’t have to mean anything expensive or time consuming.

Here are some simple ideas:

  • Remind your partner that they are loved. Make a list of all the reasons you love them. Try to come up with obscure things like how you love the way they brush their teeth, flex their muscles in front of the bathroom mirror. The more specific you are, the more touching it will be.
  • Recreate your wedding day on a smaller scale – invite guests who attended your wedding, have a renewal of vows for you and your spouse. If your spouse loves surprises, try to plan and keep it a surprise.
  • Have dinner, wine (or sparkling juice), soft music, dance and the climax (the BIG surprise).

Last year, a girl friend shared with us her ten year anniversary celebration. She and her husband had a quiet dinner at home, drank wine while listening to some soft music. She told him she had a surprise for him to remind him of their wedding day. She played their wedding song, left the room and returned with a simple flower crown on her head, holding the flowers he gave her earlier that day.

And she whispered, “Would you marry me again?”

He replied, “Of course,” and they danced to their wedding song, again.

We should always be expressing our love to our partner, as quoted by Leo F. Buscaglia, “We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” Whether the relationship is sailing with the great winds, or riding through bumps of difficulties… love can make things all better.

Westlife also sang it, “… more than words is all you have to do to make it real…”

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So, how do you express your love to your partner? How do you show them that you love them, more than words…? We’d love to hear more ideas of love in action from you.

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  1. Jamie,

    It is so true that sometimes it is hard to say – “I love you” especially for guys rite? And also it is not about saying that phrase but also showing your love feeling by action.. :)

    Great tips on for those in relationship and also for married couple..keep it up….

  2. Hey Jamie,

    I think you are right regarding the part where love is not about just saying it. Action is more words…


  3. good point there..couples should read this(especially guys)

    and i just personally think that people tend to say it too much.

    they said it all the time and the value of the love word is just gone.

    to me,keep the word ‘i love you’ for special times.make it meaningful and not to say it at every end of your sentences.

    TipsGoda’s last blog post..How to Approach a Girl. Tips on What to Say and How to Leave a Good First Impression When Talking To a Girl.

  4. Just when I think that I am “Mr. Romantic,” someone comes along with even better ideas! My ego aside, thanks for some nice ideas. Saying “I love you” never gets old. Well, as long as you have the right person to say it to! :)

    Rick (www.weddingplanningandaccessories.com)’s last blog post..Gold wedding bands on USPS wedding band stamp.

    • Rick, I believe you are Mr Romantic in most ways, and it’s great to keep things fresh. Hope you’ll catch a glimpse of love ideas form Cupid Blogger Dot Com.

      Cheers to love!

      jamie’s last blog post..am i…?

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