If I Were A Boy: Understanding The Other Sex

Our genders are defined by far more than simply genitalia. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, it seems like we’re at the opposite ends of the world, which is particularly challenging considering these are our life-partner candidates.

On too many accounts, both sides have exclaimed that they will never be able to figure the other out, and I wonder if this could just be it – the core to all our problems when it comes to coming from the other end.

Some things we’re just wired to do. At the risk of sending Women’s Liberation a couple of years back, we were built for sweet and tender nurturing, as centuries have seen, and men are comfortable in their roles as testosterone-driven, macho-as-all-hell breadwinner.

That’s just the way it is, and despite all efforts that have been put into breaking the mould, it’s difficult to work against the ages. Maybe it’s about time we stopped trying to change the other sex when it’s tough enough to do that for ourselves, and just come to terms with reality and accept and love just the way it is.

Sometimes it’s not that there’s a problem with any one thing – it’s US, but instead of working on ourselves, it’s easier to try and fix anything but and in this case, it’s the other kind. We like having things figured out, and personally, the other sex stumps me to no end. I mean, REALLY, how difficult is it to put the toilet seat back down, and HOW is it any different when I check out other boys in comparison? But if nobody before me has been able to answer these questions, I very much doubt I’ll be able to fill in the blanks.

Now while I’m no expert, there are some things I think all of us should know by now. These are probably things we’ve all heard before but just never took into account the next time, but for article’s sake, I thought it’d be more convenient listed down;

MEN are visual creatures

No kidding, and the sooner us girls come to terms with this, the better. This doesn’t just apply when he’s roaming the streets and just so happens to notice a ‘hot chick’. It’s no threat to you, honey – it just is, and there’s no point arguing with the fact. Put it to good use in the bedroom.

WOMEN like to talk about it

I don’t understand it either – I’ll spend hours ranting about something to my boyfriend, and when he innocently offers a solution, I shoot it down and tell him he doesn’t understand me. FACT: We don’t want you to solve our problems; if we wanted a way out, we’re damn well able to find it ourselves. We just need to blow off some steam, and for us girls, going to the gym or beating someone to a pulp just doesn’t cut it.

MEN need alone time too

Girls use their periods as an excuse to demand space every now and then. We also assume that ‘girl time’ is a lot more innocent than when guys get together for a boy’s night out. It doesn’t mean he’s out to cheat on you if he wants some time alone or with his friends. A pedicure just won’t cut it. When he talks to another girl in a club, it just means he’s being polite. Give him a break

WOMEN are nice

Sometimes, we remain friends with someone who is obviously interested because we’re nice that way. That’s all there is to it, and there’s no need to go all alpha-male on Guy B’s ass. The male-friend is in no way a threat, and the less territorial the boyfriend, the better. It’s also nice to be showered with extra attention every now and then – it’s only temporary, so there’s no need to worry.

MEN are less emotional

When you’re fighting with your boyfriend and he’s not calling you 38278193 times a day to apologize, it doesn’t mean he cares any less. It just means he’s really taking his time to cool off, and unlike the fairer sex, that doesn’t mean staying cooped up in a room and waiting for the phone to ring. And no, he’s not cheating on you either.

WOMEN can get a wee bit too emotional – don’t you deny it!

Admittedly, we sometimes let our feelings get the better of us, but that’s what makes us such amazing nurturers, so just live with it and in a couple of hours, we’ll realize how silly we were being and it’ll all blow over. There’s good and bad to everything, so take it like a man. We’ll feel sorry later… really.

Ultimately, MEN and WOMEN are just different. It’s the simplest of all facts, and instead of trying so hard to change the other to accommodate to what we want, it could wind up being a whole lot easier if we just accepted these terms and learn to live with them – it’s worth a shot, if it means the possibility of a lot less unnecessary arguments.

I don’t know about you, but I find that this is a whole lot easier to do.

YouTube Preview Image

For what it’s worth, I think this song exaggerates gender roles. Not all guys are like that, and if yours is, take a cue from the lyrics and leave.

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  1. Anya,

    I won’t deny that men are bound to be influenced by visual..hehehe.. :)
    As for girls, they can be very emotional if you talk to them at the wrong timing..especially during menstruation…they tend to be emotional and aggressive…correct me if i am wrong. :)

    • Haha! A lot of girls might disagree, but I think we are a wee bit too emotional, regardless of whether or not we’re PMSing.
      Guys are, and will forever be, visual creatures. That’s why I don’t understand why girls get so upset when they’re boyfriends look around.
      I’ve learned that guys handle things differently, and the sooner we accept that, the easier it’ll be to live with them.

      Anya’s last blog post..In Loving Memory

  2. I think this post is kinda biase towards women? I enjoy goo-ing over hot french men =P As far as relationship is concerned, I do not like to talk about things because I’m not good with speech – you can ask my friends. I love time alone too – go shopping, do my hair, go for facial…all alone! I love it. And when I stay friends with the guys who are interested in me, I’m not being nice. I’m being selfish because I love the attention they give me. I’ve seen men bawling over a relationship or a basketball game… So, maybe men and women are quite the same… just that we try so hard to find the difference? What do you think?

    jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

    • @ Jamie,

      you’ve got some pretty good points there, and I’ll own up to liking the attention as well! haha! I think the way both sexes handle matters initially are different, but because we’ve learned from the other, it’s easier now to react the way the other gender would.

      I wasn’t trying to be biased towards women, though. In fact, I was actually trying to point out that we’re a little too black-and-white when it comes to men and the million different ways they piss us off. we’re being a bit melodramatic (like that Beyonce song!) and we should all just give it a rest and enjoy the relationship as-is.

      Anya’s last blog post..In Loving Memory

  3. Guys brain works differently then Girls.
    This is because of the different hormons working in male and female.
    Man from MARS! Woman from Venus! XD

    ShinChan’s last blog post..My STPM Result

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