Importance Of Making Good First Impression

This is a guest post written by Aidil From Tips Goda Dot Com

When we first met someone, we subconsciously judged him or her in less than 10 minutes (I’m not making this up).Under that crucial nick of time, we judged a person’s character, physical looks, probably what the person’s background, where he/she lives, past history, financial status, religion, race or how he/she is brought up.

It is like we are doing a quick scan and that determines how we react to that person. Although what we see and judge is not 100% accurate, we tend to believe to that perception. So what makes it important to leave a good impression on people? Well, A LOT! Its affects whether your business proposal is approved or not, your possibly future parents in law giving you their green light, and a girl saying yes when you asked her out!(and other possibilities)

Since we are here, let’s talk about first impressions and the connections with your dating situations. Simply said, if you want to increase your chances of a girl saying yes when you asked her out:


How? Here are some tips to leave good first impressions on people

What You Wear Is What They See

Well I am sure you guys already know this golden rule of appearance but here is a quick reminder-wear something that is appropriate and don’t overdo it. I think the best way to dress is simple and clean (but, whatever makes you happy).

Deliver Your Message Well

When you meet up with someone, sometimes they’ll judged you on the way you talk. I’m sure you have no problem talking, but when you are talking to someone you like, that’s a different story, doesn’t it? You become excited, your breathing is all over the place, short of breath, you talk too fast, you couldn’t get your word out; you ask the wrong question…etc. And this can either make that other person confused or freaked out.

So, talk in a control manner, act cool and talk with a lower tone and not too fast(not too slow).So, speak out.

Break The Ice, Not The Mood

Also, when you are talking to a girl you like for the first time, just talk about simple casual stuff. What you want do here is to gain her trust a bit (because she don’t know you. You are a stranger to her). If you want to create a conversation, just pick a light topic like ‘What she thinks about the new lecturer’ or ‘Who is her favourite American Idol?”. Don’t talk about quantum physics or the solar system. (You want to talk or lecture her?)

Don’t Invade Her Personal Space

Everyone has their own personal zone. Scientists believe it is a circle around you with 1 meter radius (now I sound like a lecturer). And a person will not like if another person invades that area which means if a person you don’t trust comes near your, you will feel uncomfortable.

Have you experienced that? A person you don’t know comes too near to you and you feel uncomfortable and step away from that person a bit? That’s the example of a person invading another person’s personal zone. So when you meet up with someone new, watch your distance. Don’t get into his/her personal zone. (But don’t stand too far away)

Another thing, watch your body language. Don’t move around too much and look at her when you are talking. So, that’s some tips for you to give good impressions to people. Hope you gain something from it.  :)


About Tips Goda Dot Com – It is a love and relationship blog founded by Aidil from Malaysia. “Goda” means flirtation in Malaysia Language and he has a simple vision for his blog which is – easy, fun and simple.

What do you think about this guest blog post by Aidil? Do feel free to share your personal experience (good or bad) on making first impression and I am really excited to hear from you all. :)

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  1. Like they always say: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, so make sure that FIRST is the BEST IMPRESSION

  2. yes, first impression is very important. I usually smile to give a good first impression.

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  3. yea guys… we girls do put on our best dress, fix our hair and powder up our make up… just to look stunning for ourselves, and more than not, for you. so, we’d appreciate that you at least make a lasting impression? *wink*

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  4. Hey, good work. :) I like that this is very male-oriented. Girls spend a lot of time primping themselves for a date, and put too much thought in what they say and how they act. It’s refreshing, knowing SOME guys think about this stuff too.

    I have, however, met a couple of guys who have taken it way past normal lines! Haha!

    Thanks for writing for Cupid Blogger, hunn! :)

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  5. Hey,wow..first time wrtting for Cupid Blogger here..thanks for all the comments..geez,i dont know where to start..

    Rahul> thanks bro for your comment

    Anya>In this competitive world,we judge people much more quicker than we thought.I like to be prepared,especially i go on the date.At least that gives me some advantage from other guys dating the same girl..hehe..(but i dont go past any lines that is..)

    Its a pleasure wrtting for Cupid Blogger..

    Im looking forward to write here..:)So,if you guys need me,just hola back aight.
    (at least now I have Anya to comment on my post here,right hunn?;)

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    • Bro,

      It is my pleasure to be our guest post here. I am sure our readers will enjoy it.

      I believe with this guest blogging, it will definitely jazz up Cupid Blogger Dot Com with different love perspectives and making a love community online. :)

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