In Depth Explanation About Love Characteristics

“Love is in the air!”
“I love you”
“I miss you”
“I care for you”


Love is a magical and superb feeling, when you look at it; you are appreciating their presence in your life. Try to think about it. Love is an emotion, a feeling, and it feels really great when we fall in love. Don’t you agree?

Love can be of different varieties. According to some sites, the term familial love and religious love are a matter of great affection while, romantic love is a deep, intense and unending feeling and emotion to sacrifice willingly for their loved ones. It shares on an intimate interpersonal and sexual relationship where familial and religious loves don’t do so. The focus here is on the romantic relationship and so I am going to write more on it right now.

As many have said, love has always been a part of music, poetries and literatures i.e. William Shakespeare for ages.

Researches have been conducted by psychologists on love and according to some perceptions, it is said that love is of 3 main components: Intimacy, Commitment, and Passion.

Love needs tolerance and compatibility in a relationship.

For readers’ information, love should be experienced and not merely felt. The depth of love is unimaginable and can never be measured at all costs.


  • needs patience and kindness, as well as being humble. With the power of love, evil and pessimism will be rejoiced. Love is also believed to be the truth seeker in the universe.
  • protects unconditionally and hopes for the brighter side of life in a relationship. Stand steadfast, know what you want in love and pursue it like no one’s business. It is a dream of yours; your matter of affection coming to reality. No one else shall stand in your way.
  • bonds with trust and intimacy among one another. It has a special ability to enhance the relationship and comfort oneself with the presence of the significant other.

Love is not as complicated as said. Love can be created. All you need to do is to focus on the bright side of the other person.

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  1. It’s so nice to be young and in love! I remember the bible verse about love which clearly explains what it’s all about

  2. Blogging from Scratch,

    Thanks for dropping by. Well to be in love, it is in regardless whether how old or young are is about your inner self…all the best to you..always remember that it is never too late….

  3. christy.yong says:

    Being in love is the greatest thing on earth. It’s a miracle. And we learn as we go. Enjoy the journey :)

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