7 Hot Tips To Nurture A Healthy Relationship

Do you have a beautiful relationship? Are you experiencing cloud-nine love? Is your lover a romantic prince charming? If you answered yes to all the above, here’s a question for a thought: How do you maintain your beautiful relationship healthy? For many of us in a relationship, we want and expect the same thing from […]

Ring Around The Roses…

You would think that by the time we reach 16, people would have learned to be a little more upfront about their feelings. We learn about dealing with disappointments – a vital lesson if you’re planning on surviving adulthood – so what’s a little rejection from someone we’ve been pining over? It really isn’t that […]

Top 20 Romantic Movie Love Quotes

Movie scripts are always fascinating to me. And there are so much to learn from movies – art direction, filming, lighting, casting, sound effect, music composition, editing, and of course the script, among many other possible learning aspects. I pick up lines and quotes that inspire, motivate and encourage me (while watching the movie at […]

10 Ways To Make Her Fall For You

Guys, you would have probably heard a thousand pick up lines.  Especially with the hot selling tips by Neil Strauss, The Game and Rules of The Game which Anya wrote about not too long ago – “The Art Of Pick-Up”. In fact, you would have probably even tried a few.  And let me guess… most […]

The Art Of Pick-Up

Now I know I’m no expert in the field. In fact, if you were to ask me to walk over to a total stranger and expect to have them interested enough to pass along their contact details, I’d keel over in fear and probably wind up feebly chatting with the nurse who’s tending to my […]

I Love You: More Than Words

Franklin P Jones quoted: Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Falling in love is easy; but telling someone you love them isn’t always as simple as it seems. As a noun, love is something you give to others; and as a verb, love is a doing. Love […]

If I Were A Boy: Understanding The Other Sex

Our genders are defined by far more than simply genitalia. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, it seems like we’re at the opposite ends of the world, which is particularly challenging considering these are our life-partner candidates. On too many accounts, both sides have exclaimed that they will never be able to figure the other out, and […]

Every Day Is Valentine’s Day

So, we had a simple dinner at Nando’s last Saturday and they dimmed the lights and lit individual table with a little round candle. I watched the candle on the next table glimmered and slowly flickered to dim. It got me thinking… is this the same as our famously talked about Valentine’s Day? That everything […]

(M)y (V)alentine

What does Valentine’s Day mean after marriage? Is it as illusory as the double overturned ‘V’ in the ‘M’? The day of love When we were young, free and single, Valentine’s Day was a simple affair, a sweet card, a red rose, a meal for two at a nice restaurant and a movie, with some […]

Love Today Or Love Everyday?

The time of the year is coming up again – when the need to prove your love or affection to someone special in your life seems extremely important. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner of this week. But the question is, why labour extra effort to prove your love on that day?  Why […]