Course Of Love

As I was circling the mulberry bush of flirting… it got me thinking about the difference of flirting, dating and being in a relationship. A friend shared his thought that flirting is unseriously getting to know the other person. While dating is a quite serious attempt to know the person better. And being in a […]

Importance Of Making Good First Impression

This is a guest post written by Aidil From Tips Goda Dot Com When we first met someone, we subconsciously judged him or her in less than 10 minutes (I’m not making this up).Under that crucial nick of time, we judged a person’s character, physical looks, probably what the person’s background, where he/she lives, past […]

Flirt Up The Game

In every battle, game and race, there are strategies for defense and offense. Likewise, flirting is one of the many strategies in relationships that can cook up something ‘hot and spicy’ or otherwise. In the flirting game, you either cast flirt charms on others or you are charmed. Some flirt for sex, some for the […]

How To Approach Your Crush For A Date?

You have got a crush and yet you have no idea of asking him/her for a date. You are afraid that he/she might reject you and give you the weird look. Perhaps you are afraid that it will be hard to approach him/her again in the future, just in case if he/she rejects you. Some […]

Have You Ever…

Have you ever experienced such an incident where you have bumped into an attractive and smart-looking young lady and you felt like knowing her better? You have told your close friends and colleagues about her, asking them on advices such as getting her number, starting a conversation, etc with all sorts of suggested funny actions […]

Are You Ready For A New Relationship?

In my previous posts, I have talked about love definition, facts about love, knowing your pattern in relationships and even how to identify if you have fallen in love. Now, it is time to ask yourself if you are ready for a new relationship. You walked on the streets, seeing couples making their way, hand […]

The Top 10 Signs When Woman Is In Love

1.    She can’t get him out of her mind. His image is always in her mind no matter what she does. 2.    She wants to be around him if possible or perhaps, just a glimpse of him if she couldn’t find a chance to approach him at that time. 3.    She wants to be noticed […]

The Top 10 Signs When Man Is In Love

1.    Her face is always present in his mind as the most beautiful picture in the world. Her femininity and elegance is very much appreciated and to him, her beauty will never fade no matter how old she is. He appreciates her as his most valuable asset in his life. 2.    He loves to watch […]

Love or Lust?

Is this a familiar question? Yes, it is. It is nothing uncommon now. But what is this all about? It is not an easy question though. People tend to get confused because of new feelings, new environments, as well as social pressure at our college, universities or even at workplace. What attracts you to that […]

Things That Happened When We Are In Love

“I know that I am not alone wherever I go, because he stays deep inside my heart and I know that he will tell me to stay calm and strong. It is his motivations and sayings that echoed in my heart to give me the strength to overcome all fears” “I feel my strong heartbeat […]