How to Choose An Engagement Ring: 5 Tips

Choosing an engagement ring is never an easy task. Of course, some couples end up doing it together, and occasionally a woman will even pick out her own ring following a proposal. But for men trying to pick out the perfect ring before proposing, there are a number of factors to consider, and there’s a […]

5 Ways How To Save Your Marriage

You’re crying again because you’re troubled by the thought of how you could save your marriage. Perhaps you have already tried many different ways but unfortunately, you find those ways as something not useful to you or to your marriage either.   The thought of losing your other half is simply a horrible and painful way […]

How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over

Are you currently suffering from a marriage that seems to be gifted with lots of predicaments, turbulence, and problems? Are you already at the verge of realization that you marriage is over or it’s simply nearing to its end? How come that you have come to the point of realization that your marriage is over […]

10 Signs That A Man’s Ready For Marriage

Guys, have you been wondering when you are ready for marriage, walk down the isle with the love of your life, spending quality and starting a family together? A number of guy friend ask me about this discreetly during a couple of outing. I casually responded – “You will know when you are ready for […]

Top 3 Questions Before Marriage – Finale

So, here we go… the final part of the top questions to ask yourself before marriage. We hope you’ve learnt much from these simple questions, and will be able to make a wise decision for the BIG commitment. 1. Are you both emotionally mature? What does it mean by this? Emotionally mature means both of […]

Top 3 Questions Before Marriage – Part 3

Wow! I’m glad at least some people are starting to think about their decision seriously. Well, there are more questions than you thought. Here they are: 1. Is your partner aware of your expectations and needs? Ah! This is not a simple one, my friends. In my opinion, expectations and needs should be conveyed at […]

Questioning My Marriage

In response to the previous post on the self-pondering questions before marriage, I can’t help myself but to re-think about my decision. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying I’m regretting the decision I made three years ago. But this re-thinking process justified this lifetime decision and commitment I made to him… and myself. So, […]

Top 3 Questions Before Marriage – Part 2

From the previous post, we know that the next phase in life – marriage – is not a game or something to ‘experiment’ on. It’s more than ‘fools rush in’. It’s something sacred that seals two hearts into one – a union that marks a new chapter in life. Although sometimes The Wedding Game does turn […]

Top 3 Questions Before Marriage

1. Why are you getting married? Ask yourself this question – why you are getting married. Is it because of either one of you want to get married and that’s it- *Poof~!* We are getting married then… Is that so? Or you are expecting something more? Please bear this in mind that marriage is never […]

Are You Ready For A Marriage?

Almost every couple in the world wants to get married after dating for a while. Let us not talk about couples who do not intend to get married. We are now focusing a group of couples who want to settle down and have a family of their own. Marriage is an act of marrying someone, […]