How To Be Happy in Life

A couple of years ago, I woke up one morning and had a great realization in my life. During the past few years, I had my ways putting my life in great danger – the danger of wasting my entire life. What made me say so? I just realized during that time that I wasn’t happy […]

Happy Mother’s Day From Cupid Blogger

Dear all, Every year on the second Sunday of May, we celebrate Mother’s Day at most of the countries in the world except for some countries celebrate on different date according to Wikipedia. What about you guys/girls? Do YOU specific celebrate this auspicious day by following the current trend? Or should you treat every day […]

Cupid Blogger Passed 100th Post Milestone

Hi everyone, it has been a while i didn’t write on Cupid Blogger as i was busy lately with lots of web project. Anyway, i have an announcement to make. Finally…finally…finally… Cupid Blogger has reached the 100th post milestone since it was launched back in 1st December 2008. In fact, May 2009 is also Cupid […]

I Sold Cupid Blogger Dot Com For USD$10,000!

For barely 5 months, since i launched this blog on 1st December 2008, Cupid Blogger Dot Com has been getting a good social exposure over the blogosphere as a new and growing love and relationship blog. We have been doing very well since the first month itself in terms of traffic ranking and also unique […]

Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest Winners

About three weeks ago, I launched blog contest in conjunction with Valentine’s Day at Cupid Blogger Dot Com as a token of appreciation to our readers and bloggers who have been following us religiously and promoting Cupid Blogger in their respective blog. In the short span of three weeks, there are some increase in the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day From Cupid Blogger

To all my beloved readers, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone – “Happy Valentine’s Day” from the bottom of my heart. For those who are in dating or married, I hope you guys enjoy yourself in whatever plans you have in mind in this beautiful and romantic weekend. For those who […]

Valentine’s Day Updates From Cupid Blogger

Valentine’s Day is just few days down the road. How’s your Valentine’s Day preparation? Have you booked a restaurant for candlelight dinner or just don’t have any idea where and how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most creative and meaningful way? Why not join us at “The Biggest Valentine’s Day Party In Kuala Lumpur” […]

Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I decided to launch the first ever contest in Cupid Blogger Dot Com to show my appreciation and gratitude to our beloved readers since this blog was launched 3 months ago. CONTEST? Yes,  it is simply called  – “Cupid Blogger Valentine’s Day Blog Contest” This blog contest is […]

Free Valentine’s Day Party Ticket Giveaway

A couple of days back, I made an announcement about “The Biggest Valentine’s Day Party In Kuala Lumpur” and invited everyone to attend the event. I managed to obtain 3 FREE tickets to giveaway courtesy of Want to attend the Beercamp Party for free? Yes..It is FREE. :) The sponsors, and I decided […]

Cupid Blogger Dot Com Is On Twitter

I would like to announce that Cupid Blogger Dot Com is finally on Twitter. Cupid Blogger Dot Com team has decided to join Twitter so that all followers will be able to get the latest updates on blog post, promotions and reviews. For newbies, Twitter is a free social networking services that provides real-time short […]