(M)y (V)alentine

What does Valentine’s Day mean after marriage? Is it as illusory as the double overturned ‘V’ in the ‘M’?

The day of love

When we were young, free and single, Valentine’s Day was a simple affair, a sweet card, a red rose, a meal for two at a nice restaurant and a movie, with some hopefuls of romance with a little loving.

A simple secret recipe that works for many young couples.

Married for 3 years, Valentine’s Day is a whole different ball game with more challenging pursuits especially when trying to think up fresh moves and ideas that are not the same every single year.

For most couples who have been married for years, they begin to forget the meaning of romance and fall into a routine of buying a card and some flowers, and nothing more. Unconsciously, husbands and wives take each other for granted and assuming that these wonderfully thought out gifts would be GREAT every year.

It’s time to light up!

For married couples, if the above scenario somewhat relates to you, and you haven’t light up some romance with your spouse… make a change and do something special this Valentine’s Day.

What can you do to sweep the love of your life off their feet?

  • Make them feel loved
  • Make them feel extraordinary
  • Let them know that they are the most important person in your world
  • Dedicate the day to them
  • Remind them that they are loved not only on Valentine’s Day, but every single day

Plan, prepare and perform

Getting it right on Valentine’s Day takes careful planning and imagination especially if you have children. As the big day is approaching, you must be extra prepared and come up with a perfect plan that will work magic while keeping the children as part of the plan or out of the way… and most importantly come up with a plan B should plan A lose its way.

Since it’s a Valentine’s Day… it lasts a whole 24 hours, it is more than the 5 minutes you take to buy a card and a gift, or the 7-minute-in-heaven kiss, or the 10 minutes lovey-dovey moment, or the 60 minutes candlelight dinner, or the 120 minutes romantic movie. It’s a one whole day, 24 hours, 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds!

It’s crucially important to know what they love, you can plan the whole day, minute by minute, from morning till night, pamper your beloved other half and you can make the whole day very special. Living together for so many years can be a challenge especially when planning for surprises, but try these kiss-and-tell ideas from my personal experience…

  • Give them little treats at different times during the day
  • Spend quality time talking and reminiscing moments that you’ve shared before and after you got married
  • Re-connect and re-bond with touch and senses
  • Watch a romance movie that you both love
  • Listen to love songs that you both love
  • Serve them their favourite food
  • Whisper sweet nothings in their ears
  • Cuddle up and just do nothing

Romance ever after…

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance and love, sharing intimate moments with your partner but so is every other day of the year. Valentine’s Day may mean the same to dating and married couples… the only difference is that after marriage; it takes more effort to keep Valentine’s Day exciting year after year.

To the dating and married couples in the world, treat your partners the way they deserve… not only on Valentine’s Day but every single day of the year.

Though Valentine’s Day may be slightly different during dating and after marriage, there is still a very clear similarity… we all celebrate love on this day, for love is always the GREATEST!

Let’s fall in love again with My Valentine performed by Olivia Newton-John and Jim Brickman…

YouTube Preview Image

Has Valentine’s Day been different for you since your marriage? How has it been different? Feel free to share your kiss-and-tell experiences and let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day this year and the years to come with more romance… ;-)

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  1. Dear Jamie,
    I totally agree with you about the part that not only Valentine’s day, the one day in the whole year, should be celebrated with Love. Even though it is called a romance day, you meet people on the streets around every corner selling flowers and gifts for your special one, it does not mean that it is the only time to show that we do love. Some may say, as I have heard many times, “it’s a stupid day, makes no sense, ridiculous idea” etc… I think that this day, is only to highlight how we appreciate our partner, show them that still after so long period of time our heart is meant for them, we belong to them and never want any change. For men who always wonder how to make it special? Do flowers and chocolates will be enough?, I have simple answer… Most women are not so complicated as you think, for me personally, nothing will make me more happy then just day spent together, not neccessarily being out spending money on cinema or dinners… Let’s cook something together, eat at home on the floor watching films and hugging each other… It is the best time to take out our albums with pictures of us together and laugh how young we were… Take a day-off, spend it at home with your spouse and enjoy the beautiful time with your other half. Let them know that you were made for each other, and the spark between you will never die… Sometimes the best solutions are the most simple ones, so guys and girls, do remember that Love is not a difficult process of satisfying each other, but a feeling that should grow in our hearts every single day. Romance is like a fuel that keeps love burning hot. If you learn how to romance more often than once in a year time, I see nothing to stand on your way to happiness. There is only one happiness in life, to Love and to be Loved ;)

    “Love is like a river, it will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle. It is the key that unlocks the bars of impossibility.”

    Recipe For Two Lovers

    Take happiness and laughter
    mix thoroughly with romance.
    Add hugs, pecks,
    and sprinkle with kisses.
    Bind with pleasure
    and bake with faith.
    Serve with endless love.
    :) :) :)

    • Thanks for sharing, Alicja. You always share from your heart! Yeah, love is very simple but human complicate things… Let’s just ponder how the couple from past decades stay together – till death did they part. We should stay with the basics and love from our heart and everything will fall into place *wink*

      Your love recipe is refreshing!

      jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

  2. Jamie,

    I love this song so much…It is so meaningful in the month of LOVE. :)

  3. Let God be our Valentine everyday so that we can the Valentine to our loved ones!

  4. Jamie Sr, you are right… He is the Groom and we are the bride *wink*

    jamie’s last blog post..two sides of a door

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