Online Dating with STDs

You’ve learned you have an STD, figured out how to protect yourself, and learned how to manage your symptoms. Now you’re ready for the next hurdle – dating.

Realizing you have an STD can be so upsetting that many people pretend they don’t have a health issue and continue to date without revealing their STD status.

Not wanting to take responsibility for informing others about your status can be a huge mistake, but luckily, there is good news- niche dating websites for people specifically with STDs. Yep, that’s right, online dating has gotten much easier for people living with an STD.

Today, there are thousands of singles struggling to find a Mr. or Ms. Right that would understand their health situation, but the internet is changing their lives for the better. Everyone needs love and affection, no matter their sexual health status.

Free STD dating websites like Positive Singles, STD Soulmates, and Hdate, are becoming more and more well-known on the internet for single men and women. This type of online dating service gives people the opportunity to meet someone who is in the same boat.


People with STDs like HIV/AIDS, HPV, herpes (HSV) etc. are using these dating services as a useful tool to find a sexual partner, friends, love, moral support, and hope.

In addition to dating services, these sites also features chat rooms and live online chats with certified counselors for pep talks or if you just want to vent.

How Does It Work?

STD online dating websites operate like any other online dating service. They are usually free to join. You simply register, create a profile, post a photo, and browse the site to view other members.

Is it safe?

Vigilance is very important when it comes to meeting people in cyber space and there are important things about online dating that you should know about. Although it is not a proven fact that everyone lies about their personal information, it is accurate that some people’s version of the truth can be an exaggeration. With that being said, honesty is the best policy.

The truth always comes to light eventually, anyway. The bright side of this is that there are plenty of people creating profiles and answering the personality and characteristics tests provided solely based on the truth.

Online Dating Tips

  • Don’t lie about your age
  • Post a recent picture of yourself
  • Talk about your health secret/issue in the beginning of conversations
  • Don’t obsess over details

Editor Note: This is a post written by Toni Sims,  senior web content writer with – an online STD testing service.

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