Online Dating with STDs

You’ve learned you have an STD, figured out how to protect yourself, and learned how to manage your symptoms. Now you’re ready for the next hurdle – dating. Realizing you have an STD can be so upsetting that many people pretend they don’t have a health issue and continue to date without revealing their STD […]

Online Dating with Social Media

Social media networking has become such a major part of everyone’s lives that it’s almost impossible to imagine every day interactions without it. Whether it’s taking a sneaky peek at Twitter whilst you’re at work, or browsing through Facebook on your daily commute, it’s become an ingrained part of our cultural conscious. Photo Credit: hulieoh But […]

How to Succeed at Online Dating

Nowadays, more and more couples are finding each other online and it’s not hard to see why. Being able to search through hundreds of potential matches massively increases your chances of finding someone special before you’ve even met anyone in person. Here’s how to get the most out of your online dating experience and find love […]

7 Tips On Creating The Perfect Online Dating Profile

Have you been looking for tips on how to create the perfect online dating profile? Just starting started online dating recently? Or you have been doing online dating for quite some time, but things does not work out in attracting potential partner? Not sure on what is best practices in creating online dating profile? For […]

Does Online Dating Work?

When online dating wasn’t known yet more than a decade ago, meeting someone for a date through personal ads in newspapers and magazines are considered as an inferior way of meeting a partner. And aside from being touted as socially inferior, meeting a partner with the use of personal ads on newspapers and magazines has […]