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Cupid Blogger doesn’t cater solely to romantic relationships. We acknowledge and include involvement with friends and family, and they normally go undermined when we’re captivated with a significant other. Whether you are only just dating, or are well into years of a marriage, it is often the other relationships that pay a price.

Being too busy with marriage – what with the children, those bills, and keeping your house together – is understandable. Juggling your time around so many commitments does get exhausting, and if you have to give up social calls so your family doesn’t fall apart, well, there are some things that are just too important. For this article, I’m focusing on those who are dating, those who have boy/girlfriends that take up a bulk of the time, leaving ridiculously little time to spend with the (real) nearest and dearest.

There are some cases where this sort of behavior can be excused. There are some who have horrible relationships with family, to the point where it can no longer be helped, and some who simply appreciate being in a couple a lot more than they ever have their friends. For many, though, however close they once were with other people, all of that is cast aside for the sake of one person who has only been around for a few months. Personally, I think it’s just bad manners.

I understand how it might be fun, being able to be a part of something that is, at most times, exclusive and personally special. It’s nice to have someone to see when you want – someone who sends you home, someone to rack your phone bill up for, and someone who is just yours. That doesn’t mean, however, that your friends and family are any less important, and if there’s someone you should not have to make time to see, they are (or rather, should be) the lead on that list.

It is fine if you want to go out on regular dates with your honey, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the time you spend with everyone else. I’ve been in dozens of conversations revolving around this matter, and let me be the one to tell you, unless you have your balancing act down pat, it is often no fun for the third person when they are out with a couple. I’ve been the third wheel on many occasions, and although couples do mean well and try very hard to act as normal and neutral as all hell, it can still get rather uncomfortable.

So next time around when you’re planning a day out with friends and ‘friend’, consider group outings. Maybe make it a point to spend some alone time with other people too – and I don’t mean that by a couple of times a month. These are the people who have and will stick by you through a lot more and it wouldn’t kill your romantic relationship by spending a little more time with them. Besides, a little space and some time to come up with new stories to tell might be all you need to keep the spice intact.


For those who are currently dating, did you neglect your family and friends recently? If yes, do spend some quality with them and have a balance in life and sometimes a little space among couple is good too. As usual, do comment using the form below and I am looking forward on your feedback on this topic. :)

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  1. this is a post that a lot of couples should be reading.

    I mean,i’ve seen in a lot of cases…mostly people I know that are too ‘busy’ spending time for their gf/bf untill they forgot that everybody else exist in their lifes..

    I often got friends complaining that his or her friend is ‘not always available’ now to hang out with..
    which is doing that you can actually loose your friends..

    well,at least dont do it to your family..thats just cruel..FAMILY FIRST no matter what..coz at the end of the day..when everthing falls is the one that always stood up beside you..

    great post Anya…and Im back,commenting.;)

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..Why Most Men Failed To Attract Women They Want.Blame Romantic Movies?TipsGoda Explains About Dating In The ‘Real World’

  2. Thanks! :) I’m glad you’re keeping such close tabs on this blog. Assures me that at least one person will leave a comment each time! :D

    I’ve seen a lot of this happen as well, and truth be told, I was one of those exhausting couples as well.
    I find that it’s really unfair to the friends who’ve stuck around for much longer, especially those who were by your side around the clock when you were single.

    Thanks again for the compliment, and I look forward to reading your posts! :)

    Anya’s last blog post..happy time!

  3. Anya, I felt a ‘slap’ on my face with this post. I must confess when I was dating years ago, it is always about HIM(s). And everything else doesn’t seem to matter. Thinking back, I’ve wasted so many precious moments with friends (not exactly with family because in all my previous relationships, we have family dinners, festive celebrations and visitings, grocery shopping with parents, etc).

    But I really feel guilty for turning down girlfriend dates, skipping coffee chats, missing shopping sprees (so how silly can this be, right? because my girlfriends knew that shopping was one of my favourite hobbies)… and the list goes on.

    Family is always first, no doubt about that. Then friends who pick you up when you fall. While you spend a lot of time with ONE person, have you ever thought that there may be many more people who long for your company too?

  4. Wow….Good Article. Nice to visit your Blog. Good Luck For you.

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  5. jamie,

    yea,i’ve experienced the same thing before this..and you can loose your friends..but ive learn a good lesson there..

    good post deserves at least one comment..Do i need to say more? :)

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..Why Most Men Failed To Attract Women They Want.Blame Romantic Movies?TipsGoda Explains About Dating In The ‘Real World’

  6. @Anya,

    That is a great post as a reminder for those who are currently dating not to neglect their friends and family but also for people who is obsessive in going after guy/girl. As i did came across individual who is in the midst of going after guy/girl being so so focus till mentioning “no time” to meet their best friends who is always be with them no matter they rise and fall.


    That’s a good “slap” yeah..It is also important to catch up with our friends no matter we are courting, dating, or married. :)


    Thanks for dropping by again. Do stay tuned for your guest post this week.

  7. Because I have LDR I don’t have problem managing my time between my family members and my bf. The thing which takes up my time the most is only my work!

    I wrote a similar topic with this post too: Managing Our Roles.

    It’s about how you balance things in your life.

    Don’t forget to always keep your love ones close to you :)

    Mirna’s last blog post..What Are the Odds of Finding Mr. Right Online?

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