Questioning My Marriage

In response to the previous post on the self-pondering questions before marriage, I can’t help myself but to re-think about my decision.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying I’m regretting the decision I made three years ago. But this re-thinking process justified this lifetime decision and commitment I made to him… and myself.

So, here you go…

1. Why did I get married?


Mind you, it is NONE OF THE ABOVE.

At that tender age, three years ago… all I wanted was to spend the rest of my life with him. It’s simply and purely because of…


As written in the previous post, marriage is a lifelong commitment. Yes, it’s true. Because till today (as I’m writing this piece), I still cannot live without him and I want to spend the rest of my life loving this one man.

2. Why did I agree to the proposal?

Our proposal was a mutual one. We kinda agreed to get married, but he surprised me with a proposal ring down the escalator, saying:

Will you marry me and walk down the roads of life together, like this escalator?

My first reaction was, of course…


Then it sank in, and I asked about the ‘escalator’ roads. It’s a metaphor of a lifetime journey of ups and downs – the two sides of the escalator that go round and round, up and down. Until and unless the operator pushes the stop button… so it just means that “till death do us part”.

I mean, the understanding came later, but with the idea and the thought that was put into it, (awww) who wouldn’t love this man?

So… I fell in love with him all over again.

3. What makes him Mr Right?

He is the kind of man who put family first. By saying family, me included (though we were just dating at that time). He was and is always there to defend me. In a way, he was like a ‘daddy’ to me. And I saw and knew that I wanted this kinda ‘daddy’ for my children in the future.

Quoting from the previous post, Cupid Blogger mentioned that “Do not be pressured by those around you, telling you that your time’s up, you need to get married NOW!”

I was pressured the other way round. Many people asked:

You’re still young. Why not wait a little longer?

Are you sure about this… like NOW?

Do you think it’s the right time?

Why in such haste?

Are you pregnant?

But I knew in my heart, mind and soul that my decision was RIGHT.

This is a ‘photograph’ of us – designed specially to represent us.

You & Me

Sometimes, we know it in our hearts.

Sometimes, we just have to trust our gut feeling.

Sometimes, you just can’t explain the course of action.

In any way and in all the ways, I thank God for bringing love into my life.

One thing you may wanna take into consideration…

Are you marrying someone you want to live with?

Or are you marrying someone you cannot live without?

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  1. aww… wat a sweet article :)
    i agree with you in many ways. Many times i wonder why do we need to find a partner in life. are we not capable living on our own? i have a fren who once came to be feeling troubled before saying “i do” to the man she loves…
    she asked “how do i know he’s the one?
    how do i know i won’t regret it?
    how do i know that i might be able to have a different life with another? how do u decide?”

    Well i answered, that my husband would be my best friend in life… i know he’s the one because of the petty things that he does that shows he really cares… i told her i asked myself before, if i’m 80 and can’t walk one day, will the guy i choose be willing to carry me to my wheel chair, clean me up, walk side by side me even when there’s a tough road ahead? the answer is yes and that means i have found someone that is willing to go through thick and thin of life with me… and i believe i would do the same for him too…

    the wedding ceremony is just an act and annoucement to others… but that’s just ONE day… but marriage on the otherhand is a LIFETIME, a lifetime where u spend with someone u love and someone who loves you…

    • dear josie, you are absolutely right. the most important thing about marriage is that it’s for LIFE. some people may think it’s just another phase of commitment, but in truth… it’s a life commitment.

      i love the part about wedding is just ONE day, and marriage is a LIFETIME. so think about it… marriage is truly a huge commitment.

      jamie’s last blog i…?

  2. thanks for sharing this post. marriage takes two to work together.

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