Reasoning With ‘Relationship’

I am not the antichrist when it comes to love, but I think this topic needs some looking into. Feel free to argue if you have differing opinions, though bear in mind this is simply a perspective, and I don’t mean any harm with any of this.

Kids these days start involving themselves in relationships alarmingly early. By the age of 15, they’d probably have been ‘in love’ 5 times, and while I have no qualms with the idea of ‘puppy love’, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to believing you’re involved, and after the 3rd failed boy/girlfriend, maybe it’s high time to think about what it means even before puberty has hit full-on.


At this rate, teens would have been involved in numerous relationships before their early twenties. While it’s fine to be learning of the other sex, maybe that mindset of believing this one will last forever isn’t doing innocence any favors. They start having sex thinking that it’s alright because they’re spending their life with this person – as it was with the last one, and the one before that, and probably the one after.

A one-time learning experience is lost to multiple partners by the age of 18. A lot of pressure is put on exclusivity and the idea of monogamy, when this is the one time they should be using to explore the concept of options and opportunities, instead of acting out in the midst of adulthood. Relationships become the be-and-end of it all, and for what?

Dating should be exercised, of course. Learning all things concerning the other gender is fine, and preparing themselves is good sense. Tossing the word ‘love’ and ‘relationship’ around like a beach volleyball, however, exaggerates involvement and eliminates the possibility of keeping things casual when it should be.

I’m not talking casual sex. Whatever happened to simply dating?

Going out with someone a few times a week doesn’t have to mean that they’re your boy/girlfriend. You don’t need to go out searching for that one person, and evaluating yourself on the basis of whether you’ve got them handy or not. Back in the days of our parents, going steady was a big deal, and all that has now been undermined because being single has suddenly become something to feel bad about. People need to be reminded that exerting so much stress on monogamy, exclusivity, and just plain serious is something to be thought about later on – maybe once you’re done with high school at the very least.

Consider going traditional the next time you start seeing someone. This doesn’t mean you’ve got a green card to go ‘player’, but take it easy and you’ll find that in the long run, when you’re ready, a romantic relationship becomes a lot more like what they’re made out to be – like in the movies.

Any thoughts about this blog post? Like usual, do share your personal opinion and I am looking forward on your feedback. :)

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  1. I believe there’s equal responsibility for both parties in a relationship. Sometimes, the hardest to discern is between love and lust. It also depends on what each of us expect from the relationship.

    No matter what age we get involved in relationships, the main question is still… “What do we expect from it?”

    Are we expecting love?
    Are we expecting sex?
    Are we expecting attention?
    Are we expecting companionship?
    Are we expecing fame?
    Are we expecting to fit into the norm?

    Most teen relationships started simply because of fondness for one another. Just as the saying goes, ‘curiousity kills the cat’… curiosity creates the urge to explore sex.

    But we are better than cats, right? So, with our good judgement, be responsible in everything we do… including being in a relationship.

  2. most of the time, kids start dating early because of their peers. its more of a hey-you-have-a-boyfriend-i-want-one-too thingy. because they feel embarrassed having to answer “yeah, i’m single” to “omg i don’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend”. as for sex, its more of a ‘as long as i don’t get pregnant and the parents don’t find out, i don’t see why not?’ kind of thing and there is actually nothing that can be done to stop the kids. wait for their mind to grow up?

  3. @Jamie,

    I like your feedback in regards to expectation from love. :) It is true that curiosity creates spark on sex in teen relationship


    Thanks for visiting. It is about teenager’s mentality and understanding in regards to your scenario. We can’t stop them from exploring things like that. But most importantly, he/she has to be responsible on what they have done. :)

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