Reflections of Love

Thanks to Anya’s previous post, we know that people are not perfect, relationships are not perfect and we are not perfect. In fact everything in this world is not perfect, even diamonds are not 100% perfect.

However, I’m absolutely positive that love is perfect.

Love is the best gift we can stretch out to others. All the Tiffany’s, roses, and other beautiful things that money can buy stand to nothing in comparison to true love. Love is truly eternal and it lasts forever.

Love is the core that connects lovers and love is the heart of our expressions to one another.  With love, we can grasp the essence of how completely and fully we can live.  Because you will be remembered most, not from your accomplishments in life, but how much love you carried in your heart that touched the hearts of others.

Picture Taken From Tiffacy & Co

Picture Taken From Tiffany & Co

Since we have limited time on earth (and we know not our hour), and we know that we’ll be looking back on our lives and reflect on what’s important… why not start living that way today? Yes, right at this moment? Why not plan our lives and live to the fullest based on the inevitable moment of reflection that will be upon us sooner than any of us can possibly imagine?

With the Earth Hour Campaign, we pledge to turn off the lights for one hour… but as the author, Stephen Levine says:
If you had an hour to live and could make just one phone call, who would it be to, what would you say… and why are you waiting?

So, if you had an hour to live…

Who would you call?

This reminds me of the 9/11 tragedy where many were suddenly forced to make their “one last call”.

Did anyone call their insurance agent, financial planner, banker or lawyer who would be handling their ‘remains’?  Did anyone call to check in at the office?

Many of today’s working adults spend so much time at work, with the colleagues and boss, rather than their family.  When that ‘one hour’ comes, they would normally be overwhelmed by guilt that they hadn’t spent much time at home with their loved ones.  And often times, their feelings would be a mix of regret, grief and self-blaming.

Now I can actually say with some significance that you won’t regret saying no to your boss or other obligations in order to say yes to your life partner and your family.  I know it can be hard sometimes, but when you look back someday, you’ll be glad that you did.  So don’t feel guilty, just make the right choices.

For me, I would call my life partner, who is also my best friend, punching bag, guinea pig, instant ATM, advisor, motivator, #1 fan of my writings and anything I decide to engage in.

I’m sure for many of us (if not all), we already know who would be the last person we would be speaking to. But the most important is…

What would you say?

Would it be something you say as a reminder? Or something you would say for the first and last time?

With the hustle and bustle of juggling between work, family and time for ourselves, we tend to forget to tell our loved ones how much we care and love them.  Our love must be expressed every single day, so that when we are face-to-face with the last hour or last call situation… we would be merely reminding our loved ones of our love.

It wouldn’t be a pleasant goodbye, if that last hour or last call was going to be the first time you express your love.

These are some of things that I would tell him:

  • I love you and I cherish our relationship
  • I appreciate your patience and love even when I proved to be oh-so-human
  • If I could live this life again with you, I’d do so immediately on the next heartbeat
  • If I’d live this life again, I’d relax and chill-out, and take life easy like you do
  • If I’d live this life again, I’d spend more time hugging you because they made me feel safe and protected, and relieve all the stress
  • If I’d live this life again, I’d spend more time in bed with you rather than burning the midnight oil in the living room
  • If I’d live this life again, I’d spend more time with you (while awake) doing things together

The list will go on and on if I don’t stop there…

I’m sure you would have something else to say to the last person.  But as I list the things that I would say to him, it dawned on me that these are the things which I wished I had done.  So, knowing all these, the life changing question is…

Why are you waiting?

Since we know what we would have done better or differently, and our time is not up yet, we still have the power to change what we would say when we confront our last hour, last call to the last person.

So, why are you waiting and not doing it NOW?

For me, I would like the last conversation to be filled with gratitude, fulfillment and satisfaction. I wouldn’t want the last conversation to be “if I’d live this life again…”  Because I would want to have done my very best and given unconditional love to my life partner, family, friends and the community.  In short, I would want to live this life and love the people around me to the fullest, without regrets.

Like Anya asked, what if we’re the ones that need changing, not the relationship?

So, I challenge you to reflect on yourself in your relationship and take the ‘an hour to live’ challenge.

If you had an hour to live, who would you speak to?

And what you would say at that last hour?

Most importantly, why are you waiting?

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  1. Questions aside (I’ll get to them later), I have a bone to pick…
    I don’t think I believe in love being ‘eternal’, or that it is perfect. Not these days anyway. And if it is, it’s awfully difficult to come along. Love isn’t something that just happens. Circumstances create love, and therefore, it is within our control and makes or breaks along with us.
    But this is only in a ‘romantic relationship’ context anyway.

    I would call my MOM. I would tell her I love her, thank her for taking care of me and loving me unconditionally (as so few people in my life have) in ways far beyond any boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife can do, and that I am sorry…. then I’d tell her to relay messages to other people for me because it is, after all, my LAST phone call, and I know my Mom can do the job much better than anybody else.
    And I’m not doing it now because if I did, my Mom would either a) rush me to the hospital for an immediate check-up, or b) admit me into a mental ward, or c) admit HERSELF into a mental ward because she might be having hallucinations.

    Anya’s last blog post..… two hours later.

    • Anya, if you look at love at a different perspective like I do, you would agree that love is eternal. The love between you and your mum is eternal, for instance. Parent-child relationship is sometimes the strongest bond that nothing can separate. And I’d agree with you that it even surpasses any other forms of boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife relationships.
      So, do you agree love is eternal now? *wink*

      jamie’s last blog post..huh?!

      • Haha! I like that you attempted to explain that. But on that note, I still don’t think love is eternal. I think what two people make, whether it’s parents/spouses/friends/a pet, is what matters, and love won’t last if the relationship between two people – that doesn’t necessarily have to be based on that emotion – doesn’t go on.
        I’m not even sure if I’m making sense.

        Anya’s last blog post..… two hours later.

        • Anya, I believe love will last even if the relationship doesn’t go on. For instance, I honestly still love all my ex-es, just that maybe we were not meant to be together, but love doesn’t just die. It’s a feeling, if you could develop hate it means that you didn’t truly love that person in the first place…

          jamie’s last blog post..huh?!

  2. i would definitely call my family first and tell them how i love them so much and to say thanks for having me part of a great loving family…

    TipsGoda’s last blog post..15 Qualities That a Woman Look For In a Man. Do You Have Them All To Attract Her?

  3. I have a problem with that one… There are two person in my life that I Love the MOST… It is my mom, the one who gave life to me, who sacrified always anything she could to make my life better, who I trust fully and whose love is, like Anya said, unconditional… I would tell her that I love her and want her to know that she is the BEST Mom in the world and I’m so proud to have her as my best friend and wish all moms could pour so much love on their children as she did on me :) I’d tell her I am sorry for all the pain that I ever caused, for all the mistakes that I’ve made and every single tear that fell from her cheek because of me… She is the most precious person for me and I love her eternally ;)
    She is sitting next to me and I just told her… She smiled and hugged me :)

    Second person is someone who is the owner of the key… key to my heart :) My best friend, my lover, my Husband… My Everything… I’d tell him that if I had a chance to live this life again, I would just choose to meet him earlier, to be able to spend more time with him, to do everything with him together for the first time… I’d tell him that he is the one who made my life bighter, who “took my heart away when my whole world was grey… He gave me everything… And a little bit more” ;)
    I tell him that everyday and will never miss even one day to stop doing that…
    A true Love CAN last forever ;)

    *Hugs* for my saozi :P

    • wow! that is well explained. I love yu spirit that tur love can last forever, because I believe it too… I’m sure your mum and your man know how deep your love is for them… *hugs*

      jamie’s last blog post..huh?!

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