How To Be Romantic: 50 Very Simple Ways

Don’t get me wrong that Valentine’s Day is the only time of the year to be romantic. My initial plan for showing you these fifty ways to be romantic is to come up with a simple experiment and at the end of the month, you can see how magical things happen in your relationship after […]

How to Deal With Long Distance Relationships

Many people agree that long distance relationships are hard to deal with. They come with many different entities that can make a person feel sad, sorrow, lonely, and whatever type of adjective that can be used to describe the feelings of a person having someone he or she loves miles and miles away. Having your […]

10 Awesome Tips How To Spice Up Your Relationship

Struggling on how to spice up your relationship with loved ones? Looking for awesome tips that could bring your relationship to next level? Many have tried doing different ways and strategies and yet a lot of them have just ended up with failure and disappointment in the end. What could be the reason? Isn’t that challenging […]

How to Get Over a Break Up

Get over a break up is one of the hardest part when two people decided to break up and end a relationship. After all the loving and the caring they have spent together, why do they have to break up and say goodbye for good? Breaking up is indeed one of the realities in all […]

5 Effective Ways To Break Up With A Girl

A lot of people all over the world would definitely agree that break up with someone you love is definitely a very hard thing to do in regardless break up with a guy or girl. This is especially true with guys who want to break up with their girlfriend. It’s indeed a challenging task wherein […]

How To Rock Your Single World

In my previous post on winning over the mother-in-law, a single friend of mine asked: Why does successful, 20-something woman (my age group) see single life as a time to hunt down a ring instead of phase of fun and self-discovery? Why can’t we relish our freedom and catch up with old friends instead of […]

7 Heavenly Ways To Win HER Heart

I thank God for wonderful parents-in-law, who support us physically and emotionally.  And most importantly, accepting me as who I am, because I ain’t perfect.  While most of my friends complained about their parents-in-law, particularly wife who married the son of her mother-in-law (MIL). Well, MIL – she comes as a package deal with the man […]

Top 4 Ways To Keep Friends In Love

In the previous post, Anya shared on keeping up with the world… while being in a relationship. In fact, it’s all about understanding and being able to discern our priorities, as well as the “relationship management” skills with yourself and the lover, the family, the friends and the society. If you’re a little on the […]

6 Ways to Keep Up with the World

When you’re in a relationship, it gets a little bit trickier trying to keep track of things. You’re engrossed with your partner a bulk of the time, and before you know it, you’re behind on your school/work, you’ve missed too many appointments and dates with your family and friends, and you’re in a rut. Dates […]

6 Important Rules In Relationships

I started my day with a smile because the first mail in my inbox brightens up my day instantly with these beautiful thoughtful thoughts. Can you imagine the power of emails? So, I just want to share with you to brighten your day too… 1.  Trust Trust is the substance for all relationships. Relationships usually […]