Your Guy/Girl or… Your God?

I thought of writing this as a follow-up to Kee Man’s guest post on Beyond The Religious Borders: How Love Can Transcend Faith And Beliefs. When it comes to a topic with so much depth, I couldn’t resist contributing my two cents for the blog. First and foremost, however, I would like to apologize to […]

Beyond The Religious Borders: How Love Can Transcend Faith And Beliefs

This is a guest post written by Kee Man from Kee Man XP Dot Com When I was invited to be the guest blogger on this site, it doesn’t take me long to think of a topic for my article. Love and religion is a binary theme that has not only shaped my life but […]

Long Distance Relationships: Love The Distance Or Distance The Love?

In the ancient history of dove-mailing, distance did make the heart grow fonder between lovers.  Today, it should be so much easier to keep and tender a long distance relationship especially with God-given phones, emails, instant messaging programme, video conferencing and more upcoming ITC innovations. Right? In this contemporary materialistic world, like Madonna sang it, […]

Reasoning With ‘Relationship’

I am not the antichrist when it comes to love, but I think this topic needs some looking into. Feel free to argue if you have differing opinions, though bear in mind this is simply a perspective, and I don’t mean any harm with any of this. Kids these days start involving themselves in relationships […]

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

In the previous post, Anya wrote about Cheating Leads To Disaster In Relationship and Making Love Out Of Nothing At All, I just thought of the title – “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”. I can think of younger days when living for my lifeWas everything a man could want to do.I could never […]

Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

Air Supply might have sung it to mean a certain thing, but this is in an entirely different context. I believe that it is best to write about the things you know, and as a follow-up to my previous post on “Cheating Leads To Disaster In Relationship”, I thought I’d write of the things I’ve […]

Cheating Leads To Disaster In Relationship

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a day, a month, a year, or a lot longer than you can remember, times do come when it’s tempting to wander off for just a little while. By ‘wander’, I do mean cheat, but something that starts off as a simple plan of just one night can […]

Effective Ways Of Maintaining Relationship

Have you ever felt like the relationship you are having no longer feels the same? Like the spark and chemistry have been slowly fading away? Or that he/she no longer treats you the way it used to be? Fret not, if you are thinking that he/she no longer loves you. Sometimes, after being in a […]

Leading To Successful Relationship

A love relationship is often associated as a bond between a man and a woman. As some may call their relationship as beautiful as a bed of roses, some might think otherwise as roses too, have thorns. As human beings, we cannot run away from problems that will rise between two persons when they decide […]

A Knight To Remember

Every girl has heard the story of Sir Galahad and his cape, and if they haven’t, well, then, it’s time for a sit-down. We’ve learned from a young age that a true gentleman opens doors, pulls out chairs, and puts his lady before himself. We’ve seen this concept magnified, from Disney movies romantic comedies, and […]