Top 12 Crucially Important Facts About Love – Part 2

6. Love is about Being Friends “What does it mean by being friends when we are already together as a couple? And I’m definitely not your friend!” Don’t misunderstand the phrase above. It simply means enjoying simple pleasures in life such as shopping, catching a movie in the cinema, watching television at home, going to […]

Top 12 Crucially Important Facts About Love – Part 1

Being on earth till today has earned me many lessons in life, especially in relationship matters. There are millions of couples out there experiencing and leading greatly blossomed relationships. Sad to say that there is also a shocking proven statistic showing that about the same amount of couples and singles are trying to recover from traumatic and disappointing relationships. What a fact!

Life is only once and we have always wanted to reminisce those sweet moments being with our loved ones. In fact, we would even choose to brainwash ourselves if we were given an opportunity to, just to forget those unhappy moments and start a new chapter with our beloved destined significant other.

There are top 12 important facts about love that I would love to share here:

1. Love is about

What is Love

Sitting down alone quietly at a serene park, tuning in to some love songs in the 70s or 80s (according to your own preference), try relaxing yourself and get absorbed into the atmosphere. Watching some couples holding hands, having small talks, smiling as they walk by, start to ponder a little on love. What is […]