Get Tested For STDs – Take Charge of Your Health

STDs, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases, can lead to long-term health complications, including sterility, infertility, cancer, and blindness, if left untreated. People commonly assume that they do not have STIs because they’re not “that kind of person” or simply because they do not have any obvious symptoms. The fact is that anyone can get an STI, and furthermore, an STI […]

Beercamp Valentine’s Day Party Review

It was Valentine’s Day, a special day that people spend time with their loved ones. Well this year, I have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way. The answer is Beercamp. Beercamp? Yes, it is. I did made an announcement about the event – “Join The Biggest Valentine’s Day Party In Kuala Lumpur” […]

Join The Biggest Valentine’s Day Party In Kuala Lumpur

Attention Readers, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!!! Hurray for everyone no matter you are single in relationship or single. No fret guys and girls. Here comes and introducing “Valentine’s Day Special Beercamp Party”. Party? Yup, it is a special “Beercamp Party” organized a group of my friends and this party is going to […]

Check Out Cupid Blogger Featured Article On C8life

Lionel, a friend of mine who is head of creative at C8life Dot Com contacted me last week and would like Cupid Blogger to write a featured article on C8life. The featured article was specially written by Anya and was published yesterday on 19th January 2009. The ‘boy meets girl’ bit is about as old […]

Join Spread The Gift Of Love Contest By Toblerone

As Valentines Day is around the corner, the most famous chocolate company, Toblerone has organized a contest named – ” Spread The Gift Of Love” and I have decided to share with you guys here. What this contest is all about? It actually helps you to put gift together, and may even rewards you for […]

Vote Cupid Blogger Dot Com For A Free Web Design Contest

Cupid Blogger Dot Com has entered “I Need A New Web Design Contest 2.0” by Life Blue Media, where we stand a chance to win a completely unique and custom design for Cupid Blogger Dot Com site. We have submitted our site to the Wall of Shame in Life Blue Media. Surprisingly, there are giving […]