The Perfect Relationship: Fact or Fiction?

When we watched Beauty and the Beast as kids, we were marveled by how two people who were seemingly polar opposites could find their way to the middle and reach a compromise that made up a blissfully happy, eerily perfect relationship.

The simple country girl and the half-man/half-monster left a lasting impression that lead us all to a life of believing that we would one day find someone and it would all be perfect too. After all, if they could do it, what’s going to stand in the way of two NORMAL people?

Most of the films we’ve seen wind up in similar manners. Even in the most impossible scenarios, Boy and Girl normally wind up happily ever after. But that’s just it – this isn’t a movie. This is real, and in life where most things aren’t scripted and you’re dealing with imperfect human beings very much like yourself, maybe it’s time we stopped idealizing ‘perfect’ and started settling for happy.

How many of you are involved in relationships?

How many of you find that you’re fighting over small, insignificant things with your partner?

How many of you wish you weren’t doing, and want to change that?

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of my friends – myself included – complaining about fights we’ve had with our boyfriends/girlfriends/significant others, when, from an outside perspective, these minute details aren’t worth ever mentioning. They’re little bumps in otherwise amazing relationships, but we, and I’m sure many of you do too, nit-pick for ages, dragging it on unnecessarily. These fights will come and go. What matters is how you deal with them.

What if we’re the ones that need changing, not the relationship?


People aren’t perfect – many a time, we’ll fight about things that are just forces of habit. You’ll get mad because he’s not lifting the toilet seat up, you’ll get angry because she’s beginning to sound like your mother. Both of you will argue just because you’re individuals and by right, by NATURE, you’re not going to do EVERYTHING to someone else’s liking and that’s fine. Stop complaining so much about it. If you want things to be done YOUR way, get a slave, or a cloning machine, not a relationship.

Relationships aren’t perfect – don’t believe what movies have made them out to be. Part of the fun of being in one is the fact that we can fight and argue and disagree just because we care enough to do so. If every day was spent in Cloud 9, how do you know that there’s still passion? How would you ever know how far you can go as a couple? What’s a relationship, really, without the ups and downs, and the obstacles to overcome TOGETHER?

You’re not perfect – I’m sure you don’t believe you are in every other area of your life (if you do, you’re a narcissist and probably need psychological help because I hear that’s not very healthy) and on that note, you’re not always right either. You need a healthy level of compromise in relationships so both parties can be happy, and if you both want that fairy-tale ending, this is quite possibly the closest you’ll ever be to getting there. Give in every once in a while, and you’ll find that it just gets easier from that point on to reach a middle-ground that both of you will be content with.

TV’s most exasperating couple, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big (CLICK THE LINK!), went through all-hell to reach a realistic level of happy, and personally, I think that’s the ideal we should be reaching towards – not the unnecessary drama, but that level of understanding in the end, at least in terms of real life anyway.

With all that in mind, do you think it’s a perfect relationship exists?

Do you think perfect relationships are real?

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Ordinary People by John Legend.

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  1. Perfect relationship doesnt exist. then whats the point of having one,right? theres just no thrill to eat. Its like if you have the perfect car, then you dont need to search for a better one and thats just…boring!

    I do agree on that part where people always got the wrong idea about the prefect relationship because they are ‘brainwashed’ into thinking that their relationship too,should be perfect with happy ending just like in the movies..

    TipsGoda’s last blog post..The Magic Of Making Up. How to Get Your Ex Back After a Break Up.

    • But I suppose without the hope of a happy ending, people wouldn’t be as inclined to have relationships because it’ll just look like one never-ending job – it’s like (back to your car analogy), having a car that you’re constantly working on, but never being able to get it to be just right..

      Anya’s last blog post..… two hours later.

      • It’s good to have hope right? It gives us a meaning in life, in striving for something we want. More often than not people have hopes that are too high to achieve. Maybe we just gotta come back ‘down to earth’ and accept the imperfections in this life. But still hope, I’d encourage you to hope *hugs*

        jamie’s last blog post..huh?!

  2. if only relationships were like what we watch on TV.
    carrie and mr big, fiona and shrek, and the list goes on.


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