The Top 10 Signs When Man Is In Love

1.    Her face is always present in his mind as the most beautiful picture in the world. Her femininity and elegance is very much appreciated and to him, her beauty will never fade no matter how old she is. He appreciates her as his most valuable asset in his life.

2.    He loves to watch her smile and it never cease to carve a smile on his face. The smile is like a magic charm to him because no matter how bad the day goes, her smile makes all the pain and hardships fade away easily.

3.    He gets inspired by her ideas and motivations when he is down, and her efforts in motivating him boosts his energy and keep him going.

4.    He wants to have a family of his own with her. He wants to have children with her. He sees her as a great mother for his future child/children.

5.    He shares his private life with her, telling her about his past and what he aim for in the future. He shows his confidential information about his financial and future planning, knowing that he can trust her and work towards his goal together with her.

6.    He remembers her birthday, anniversary and any other special occasions in their relationship. He tries his best to surprise her with nicely wrapped present and a bouquet of roses, knowing that the girl he loves likes surprises.

7.    He plans for their quality time being together despite his hectic work schedule and never say that he has no time because he knows that it just doesn’t sound right, knowing that it is just a matter of how he is going to prioritize things.

8.    He is always ready to stand by her side and support her. He tries to come up with suggestions which he thinks might help her and when things do not work out, he is there to comfort her and never stops motivating her; letting her know that he is there for her all the time.

9.    He can’t wait to meet her family; he wants to let her family know that he is dating their princess and he is responsible for her.

10.    He went for a full body check-up without having told, shows her his medical report, and proposes to her that he is well-prepared to take care of her for the rest of his life.

Guys, any thoughts in your mind now? Do share it using the comment form below. Thanks :)

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  1. Great Tips! Trust me It’s hard to find such men.

  2. christy.yong says:

    Thanks, Bonny :) Well, there are :) This are the experiences that some of my friends encountered.

  3. disagree with the want to meet her parents part… we all dread that very much,,, the rest is either accurate or close

  4. christy.yong says:

    LOL. But still need her parents’ acknowledgement no matter what though :)

  5. As i can see most of it happen it my life before but not all.
    But it still strike the argeement of me..
    Falling in love and maintain a love is another thing.
    I am looking forward to see a post title with (How to Maintain a love 10 ways) that will be great.
    But anyway. keep it up! this blog will touch lots of hearts of lover outside there.

  6. christy.yong says:

    To love a person, it is not as simple as loving one person. You will have to take others into account i.e. his/her loved ones (but not to a ridiculous extent). Love is not about selfishness too. Her/His family will be as important for you have to be grateful to them. It’s undeniable that family might give a hard time (to a certain extent), but you’ve got to out yourself into their shoes as well. Try to imagine your daughter/son dating someone and you don’t really approve their relationship due to some issues. Well, parents will behave the same way. Perhaps while we are still young, we don’t think the same way like how they do :)

    Happy reading and all the best, Shin Chan. ;)

  7. oh all thumbs up to ur comment shinchan. indeed true for us Malaysians espectially chinese with religions of different denominations ;)

  8. how to maintain a love? hmm this one’s a tough one but when u observe couples of european countries they still hold hands and embrace each other when they are 70 just like the new lovebirds when they are 16.
    its really about excitement and anticipation and trying new things and different styles and surprises that keeps the love and spice up and going. U dont want to routinise everything so the relationship wont get dull

  9. christy.yong says:

    Hey Edgar! You have a great comment here. It’s true that different culture and environment play important role in influencing our relationship. We keep learning new ideas from different background in order to maintain the spark in our relationship.

  10. Eddy Effendi says:

    I must admin this is true but it is not 100 % true. This can be true in a perfect situation which is not always the case.

  11. Yes, absolutely, Eddy :) Thank you for taking your time to drop a word :)

  12. Good list there although my friends and I have come across men who want marriage without your #4 KIDS. Because either they have kids of their own already or they just don’t want to have the responsibility of parenthood.

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