The Top 10 Signs When Woman Is In Love

1.    She can’t get him out of her mind. His image is always in her mind no matter what she does.

2.    She wants to be around him if possible or perhaps, just a glimpse of him if she couldn’t find a chance to approach him at that time.

3.    She wants to be noticed by him. She starts the day with his image all over her mind. She has the drive to dress up and to wear make-up to impress no one but him.

4.    She waits for him to call or SMS or even mail, whichever method is convenient for him to contact her. She will keep her cell phone close to her, and check if she missed any calls or SMSes from him. If the phone happens to ring, she will rush to pick up the call, hoping that it’s him who calls.

5.    She hopes to see him all the time, but when he appears, she feels her heart beat faster and she blushes as he is approaching nearer.

6.    She feels down when there is another woman seems closer to him, but she doesn’t want to admit, knowing that love is not about jealousy, she tries her best to understand him and the crowd better.

7.    She thinks of his favorite food when the topic came into her mind; she starts preparing a recipe and arranges a dinner with him, then gives him a surprise dinner treat.

8.    She brings dinner to him when he has to work for long hours despite difficulties in transportation accessibility to his workplace. And when she reaches, she sits down and watches him eating happily even though she’s hungry by then, without asking him to share his portion.

9.    She remembers his birthday, anniversary and all the special occasions in their relationship. If she can afford one, she will go ahead getting one and does a nice wrapping with meaningful words on the card, written from her heart.

10.    She can’t wait to meet his parents, and when she meets them, she has the total respect for them because; they are the one who have been bringing him up to what he is today.

Girls, what do you think about the top 10 sign above? Do share your personal thoughts in the comment form below. Thanks :)

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  1. i guess this depends what country you are in… for example in Japan just because a girl loves you doesn’t mean they want to see you all the time or make time for you…. in fact when starting relationships with Japanese girls here often you need wait three weeks or more to see them, and they drag you through the emotions before finally giving you the time…. many couples here, whetherjapanese-japanese or japanese-westerner they dont see each other all that much yet the girl claims to love him

  2. christy.yong says:

    Wow, that’s something new! Thanks for sharing the info, Bryan :)

  3. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the is something new to me too :) Well girl from various countries differs as they are influence by local custom and culture…

  4. i’m in love…. an honestly i do lots of things exactly the same.

  5. I do exactly that! I pull out all the stops because I feel in love one has nothing to lose. Give it your best or nothing! That’s me :-)

  6. Mr. Brigante says:

    Who ever wrote that is either a teenager or an idiot!!!

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