Things That Happened When We Are In Love

“I know that I am not alone wherever I go, because he stays deep inside my heart and I know that he will tell me to stay calm and strong. It is his motivations and sayings that echoed in my heart to give me the strength to overcome all fears”

“I feel my strong heartbeat whenever he hugs me from behind”

“Love is when a girl puts on her DKNY Green Apple and when she told the boy not to put on his favorite cologne, the boy listened and they go out, smelling each other with cute smiles on their faces”

“Love is when you both eat at a favorite restaurant, you give that person most of your dishes, not exchanging any with that person, just to ensure that they are having a good time eating delicious meals”

“Love is when he hurts you without realizing his mistakes, you cried and he hugged you tight, telling you that he is sorry.”

“Love is when you read his messages in the midst of preparation for a presentation, you feel relieved.”

“When you expect someone to leave you after telling him/her all your bad histories, he/she did not do so. In fact, he/she showers you with more attention and care than ever. That’s love.”

“Love is you will choose the best place to sit in the cafeteria so that you can have a nice time listening to her voice after a stressful day”

“He kisses on my forehead before he left to classes”

“I kept telling him not to send me off as transportation is still a problem at the moment, but he doesn’t care. He said he wants to see me going off safely and he left after watching me taking my seat in the coach”

“Love is about loving someone more than yourself and sometimes, you are willing to sacrifice a little to ensure everything goes on well”

“He might be more romantic, he might be more influential, but what has it got to do with me? I like the way you are. You are just so unique. You are type I’m looking for in my life”

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  1. Love is like one soul with two heart beats. XD

  2. christy.yong says:

    Aww, true!! You felt it right :)

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