Tips For A Great Conversation On A Date – Part 1

This topic has clearly stated that it is about dating conversation. What is a dating conversation? Is it different from normal conversations between friends? Why do people seek for tips on dating conversations?

Dating conversation is a conversation on a date. Sounds simple huh? Well, things that sound simple don’t really mean that it is simple all the time. A slight mistake in your conversation with your date might determine your chance in seeing him/her again. Yes, it does happen.

Here are few tips you should bear in mind:

1.    Relax and be calm – Before reaching your destination, take a deep breath, relax and be calm. Just take it easy and assume that it’s just some hang-out with a new friend, and that he/she won’t harm you. Your date will be someone fun for you to explore about them. He/She has the same excitement as you do. So relax and be calm. Perhaps having enough sleep and some meditation will help.

2.    Flash your million dollar smile – As your date is walking towards you, smile at him/her. Give your date the first impression.

3.    Compliment your date – Observe your date off-guard as he/she is approaching to you. Ladies will usually put more effort on their attire (and even shoes/heels) and make-up while men concern more on their clothing (and even shoe-they might have just polished it!) Complimenting them makes them feel more appreciated when they put their effort before meeting you.

4.    Ask on their method of transportation – “How did you travel to here?” instead of “You took a train here?” or “You drove?” See the difference in the questions? The first question will get your date to elaborate on his/her reply rather than the latter which is a Yes No question.

5.    Tell your date about yours – After you have got your date’s reply, tell him/her about yours too instead of closing the conversation so abruptly. “Yeah, it was quite a heavy traffic out there at this peak hours. It took me a while before getting to here. And I’m so hungry!

6.    Ask your date where he/she would prefer to dine in – Get yourselves comfortable by setting the location to a restaurant, preferably a quiet one. Hint your date that you would prefer a quiet one when you let your date decide on the venue. You want to get to know your date more. A noisy place will make you both ended up screaming at one another’s ears.

To be continue in the next post…

Guys/Girls, the tips sound familiar to you?? Do use the comment form below to share your personal experiences or tips no matter good or bad. We would like to hear from you. :)

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  1. Tips.
    With the help of the night star and the full moon.
    Date a girl under a full moon and take her for a walk beside on a beach or wherever the full moon can be seen clearly.
    Conversation can be strike with the moon as you can explain to her that your heart is as bright as the moon.

    I am not sure about day light,because girls usually hate the sun . It depands.

    ShinChan’s last blog post..A Change

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  2. The location settings for dating is also important too…well dating under the star and full moon or watching sunset together by the beach is the best time to initiate conversation..

    True..girl normally don’t like sunshine especially for those who like to put make up :)

  3. =) oh yesh i forget about the sunset. XD

    ShinChan’s last blog post..A Change

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