Tips For A Great Conversation On A Date – Part 2

7.    “Menu talk” – A man should get the menu for the lady. So if you are the lady, sit down and let the man do the job. If you are the man, know your own duty instead of waiting for the lady to do your job. Get the waiter to come back later. You don’t want your date to rush on the menu. Chat with your date and ask his/her preference. From here, you will be able to know more about your date’s favorite food. Find out about your date’s favorite drinks as well (fruit juice with or without ice? / can’t take cold drinks-health concerns?)  You will be able to know a lot about your date from this food menu alone. Just remember not to keep the waiter waiting for too long.

8.    Talk on simple but know-more-about-you issues – Get to know more about your date, which means making the conversation focusing on your date about 70%. Nobody likes to sit and listen to someone bragging about himself/herself anyway. Ask about your date on simple issues i.e. family, work, daily routines etc (more tips on the coming topic). But never talk about their ex or past relationships unless they reveal it themselves. You can talk a bit on yourself which is about 30% of the conversation. Too much on your date will make you sound like an interrogator.

9.    Crack some jokes – You can be a little funny and if you are humorous, go ahead and make your date laugh. Your date might find you really interesting and won’t get bored with you. However, do not overdo it. No sex jokes please. It will ruin your reputation if your date is not the type who appreciates sex jokes. Don’t risk yourself.

10.    Informative conversation – The key here is to read more to make you well-equipped with information. Some of my friends who go for dates prefer browsing jokes content rather than important information such as the world today, health, business etc. Depending on whom you are dating with, if you get to know more about your date’s relevant interest, you can talk more about it. Your date will be impressed with you. Be careful not to talk too much on work, as some might find it stressful especially after a hectic work schedule before meeting you.

11.    Say thank you and show appreciation – It’s time to go home. Whatever you have done in your dating conversations previously might determine your chances of getting your next date scheduled. Say thank you to your date for coming out and tell your date that you appreciate it very much.

Good luck and all the best!

Guys/Girls, the tips sound familiar to you?? Do use the comment form below to share your personal experiences or tips no matter good or bad. We would like to hear from you. :)

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  1. I argee no yellow jokes.
    Depands how much you know about your partner.
    Somethings diffrent type of jokes will show you a diff impression.
    For example : You made a cold joke. (Lamer)

    ShinChan’s last blog post..A Change

  2. Yellow jokes is a major destruction of the entire conversation and bad impression too…it will determine whether are u able to meet him/her again for a date in the future…

  3. Yes i agree, just stay safe. Think twice before you talk.

    ShinChan’s last blog post..A Change

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