Tips On Choosing Location For Your First Date

Choosing the right location for your first date is important. This is to ensure that the plans for your date flow smoothly.

Right location which consist of 3 basics means:

1. Safe – You have to give your date an assurance that the place you are meeting up is safe and it’s your responsibility as a man to ensure her safety. As a lady, choose somewhere safe is to avoid unwanted cases to happen i.e. unwanted attraction from other parties, date rape, etc. This is also to avoid any unwanted wrong intentions.

2. Able to accommodate your plans on the date – Don’t choose a seaside if you are planning to watch a movie with your date unless you want to watch bikini girls, which was meant to be your movie. Choose a right mall if you are planning to bring your date to her favorite Italian restaurant instead of going to a mall where there is no Italian restaurant. What I mean here is the convenience.

3. Easily accessible – Find out if your date drives. If your date doesn’t drive, choose a place where is accessible by public transportation, unless you are willing to drive your date out from his/her home and also to drive them back.

Readers, any suggestions or idea who you can think of choosing location for your first date :)

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  1. Location location location. This is the most worried thing in everyone mind. This post will help alot of people to get an idea where and where not to bring their date. =)
    this is good.

    ShinChan’s last blog post..Hidden

    • Hi Shin Chan,

      You are absolutely right…location location location..everything is about location from business to dating..don’t you think so? stay tuned for the upcoming post…

  2. christy.yong says:

    HI Shinchan! Thanks for your comments. Yeah, it’s undeniable that location is really important on your first date. Where to go, where to eat, where to…

    I’m glad that you like this post :)

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