Top 12 Crucially Important Facts About Love – Part 1

Being on earth till today has earned me many lessons in life, especially in relationship matters. There are millions of couples out there experiencing and leading greatly blossomed relationships. Sad to say that there is also a shocking proven statistic showing that about the same amount of couples and singles are trying to recover from traumatic and disappointing relationships. What a fact!

Life is only once and we have always wanted to reminisce those sweet moments being with our loved ones. In fact, we would even choose to brainwash ourselves if we were given an opportunity to, just to forget those unhappy moments and start a new chapter with our beloved destined significant other.

There are top 12 important facts about love that I would love to share here:

1. Love is about Talking

Oh yeah, love is talking! At the initial stage of love, couples love to talk about almost everything that comes across in their daily routine. After some time, the tendency of talking to their partner has declined subsequently. They start to restrict their conversations to discussing on their financial status, work, business, children or even pets! There’s a tendency to talk only on so-called necessary stuffs. This is an obvious decline in their relationship management chart.

In that case, either one will be easily distracted by an existing 3rd party, perhaps getting impressed by the existence of the 3rd party when he or she starts talking to them more than their other half. This might sound harsh but it does happen to a quite number of couples! Bring the spark back by starting a conversation with your significant other when you get back today!

2. Love is about Sharing

“I’ve talked! Yet, he doesn’t understand how I feel!”

The situation here is no one was wrong. It’s just a matter of insufficient ‘ingredient’ in your communication. You need to share! Mind you sharing is one of the most important ingredients of love. It does wonder to open one’s heart and could share almost everything- pain, joy, success, failure and even the darkest secret! It does not matter as long as the heart is clear. Love is also being honest and knowing that your partner feels the same way too.

The significant other will start sharing and losing his or her inhibitions, knowing that the other partner will never be judgmental. Sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions will bring a close bond between both of you, as there is a mutual understanding between the both of you. With this way of expressing yourself, your significant other will be closer to you, more than ever. That’s for sure.

3. Love is about Caring: Emotional Investment

Sharing life activities, personal information and secrets create a sense of intimacy and emotional connection in a relationship. Over time, caring grows and your emotional connection in your partner strengthens even when you are both having hard times. It is simply because we find our emotional match in the other person, thus making us feel as though we were one.

It is as if we have found a soul mate, someone for us to care for and we have eventually become more emotionally and spiritually connected to our partner. Care for your other half as simple as asking them how they are doing when you are not around. Such simple phrase will carve a smile on their face while you away for a business meeting.

4.  Love is about Accepting

Acceptance in a relationship does not mean that yes, he is my boyfriend/she is my girlfriend. I have accepted him/her to be my future life partner.

No, no, no! Acceptance is much more than that. It means you know that your other half is okay and you have no particular desire to change him or her. You love them for who they are. You set no conditions on whether you will love them. In other words, this is also called unconditional love. We need to understand each other and please be reminded that nobody is perfect. The closest to perfect is always the best we can find.

5. Love is about Appreciating

For your information, appreciation is just a step beyond acceptance. Its focus is on what you like about your other half. The world is such a populated place to live in. The probability to meet your other half on earth is so small, and yet, you both have such a chance to bump into one another. How magical is that to happen!

Do ponder a while on how you and your partner got to know one another, how your relationship has grew and how is your partner treating you differently from your circle of people. Look into your partner’s eyes, watch the joy, listen to the insights, laugh at the humor, enjoy the companionship and close your eyes, carving a smile on your face. When someone says that they are “in love” with another, a great appreciation is truly expressed for this person that it consumes each and every piece of their mind.

To be continued in the next post…

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  1. Very true. This is what people should read and know about. Some people just don’t understand.

  2. i agree with this totally, unfortunately many couples after they are married forget why they married in the first place.
    they forget why they loved the person and try to change them to meet their image of the perfect partner…
    but love is about accepting the person as they are, loving them as they are and supporting them as they are…. not trying to change them to your needs

  3. So far agreed on what you said. I think you forgot one more. Love is about sacrifice.

  4. Hey Bajista!! Thanks for your comment :)I’m glad to share this piece of information with everyone out there. Cupid is a blog for all couples, lovers and everyone! Thanks, Bajista ;)

  5. christy.yong says:

    Yes, Bryan. True indeed. Accepting the person as he/she is. But of course, due to some factors, it can be negotiated by communicating their demands and needs earlier. And there are so much more. It is really important to realize these factors :)

  6. one conclusion is LOVE IS BLIND….hahha

  7. christy.yong says:

    Hi Simon!! Thanks for telling. Yea it’s true that love is about sacrifice too. I have mentioned it in the latter post :) Thanks fot dropping by ;)

  8. christy.yong says:

    LOL. Nick, yea.. love might just blind us into doing something that we might not think of doing. But because of obsession towards the other half, they do it. But well, love is always playing it’s role in enabling one to see the real color of the other half. It simply enables one to see the real him/her when others can’t.

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