Top 12 Crucially Important Facts About Love – Part 2

6. Love is about Being Friends

“What does it mean by being friends when we are already together as a couple? And I’m definitely not your friend!”

Don’t misunderstand the phrase above. It simply means enjoying simple pleasures in life such as shopping, catching a movie in the cinema, watching television at home, going to ice-skate or assisting in school or office activities, just like what typical friends usually do. Friends have been with us all along and their existence in our lives is undeniable. We do not want our range of activities to be restricted anyway. Tell and prove to your partner that you both can be best friends too!

7. Love is about Spending Time Together

This is extremely important to strengthen the bond in a relationship. The more time is spent to be together, the better it gets to understand your partner. Trust me! It works! Heavy workloads have taken up much time and don’t forget that you have the other half missing you at home. Therefore it is important to slot in some time for your partner, just to give an assurance that you will be back at the end of the day.

8. Love is about Giving Attention

Giving attention to our partner is something not to be missed in a relationship. It is also a way of expressing your love. Yet, many are unaware of the importance of it. Ways of giving attention can be practiced by using our 5 senses:

  • Be a good listener and always be there for your partner. (Ears)
  • Look your partner when he or she is speaking. Nod your head to assure that you are listening attentively. Give undivided attention. Switch off the television if possible or get both of you to a comfortable area to focus in a conversation. (eyes)
  • Give compliments on your partner’s appearance. (eyes)
  • Hold your partner’s hands; throw hugs and kisses, or sexual expressions. Touches will give comfort to your partner. (Skin)
  • *something for you to figure out-hint = smelling and tasting* (nose and mouth)

Giving much attention helps in forming trust in a relationship as well.

9. Love is about Faithfulness

Being faithful is the key in holding the relationship strong. Loving someone is a feeling when you hold the person close to you, knowing that you have given your all to one and only one. You just can’t have him/her out of your mind. Your partner’s picture is all over your head and you know that you won’t find yourself interested in others but him/her. You know that the existence of your partner is the best thing that has ever happened to you; you want to protect and cherish every moments spent with him/her till the end of your life.

10. Love is about Pleasure

Do not misjudge the word pleasure. Loves means pleasure in the sense of deep emotional enjoyment of each other in a relationship when they treat each other well and got delighted from it.

That is the reason why I mentioned not to misjudge the word pleasure. It doesn’t have to be sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is only that and it’s not going to be a long term one, not to mention no emotional intimacy will be created from it. It is the emotional satisfaction that you have been searching for. That’s the real craving of yours!

11. Love is about How Much You Want Your Partner to Feel Good

This is somehow related to caring. It is universal that we want our significant other to be happy, safe, and healthy. We want them to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally and sometimes, we tend to sacrifice ourselves just to make sure that they feel good, knowing that we do not have to do so.

12. Love is about Looking Together at the Same Direction

Love works extremely well for couples who have the same goals and thus not going off the track for the goals that they aim for is for the sake of their future. Taking actions in that direction to realize their dreams is another way of sharing their dreams, their future. This is an effective way of working things out efficiently without leaving things abandoned and at the same time, holding them closer as time passes by.

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  1. Some people might think love is about two people, but sometimes i see love is also about the people arround you.
    Sometimes love can be selfish , some couple doesnt wanna share the similiar friends as it might lead to (you spy,i spy ) relationship.
    I think maybe love is also about accepting the fact that your partner have good friends and you might wanna spend sometimes together with him. Not just two people.

    It is really hard to see your friends being your partner best friend.

  2. Hi ShinChan,

    You are absolutely correct…sometimes love is not just about two people but are to mingle with couple’s family and friends

    Thanks for the feedback

  3. christy.yong says:

    Yes it is true. The best way is to communicate your needs and wants, perhaps expectations too :)

  4. remember jealousy cud also occur if ur being too close of a fren to ur guy frens u claim as close frens.(for girls)
    the bf certainly wudnt like u girls to mingle and hangout with ur guy frens and talk about explicit stuffs with them and think tat its alrite. Coz u’ll be inviting danger indirectly or worse, ud be labeled a slut or trying to have an affair. Especially perverted horny guys u befriended with

  5. Love tips are only guidelines available. The root of the matter is still the attitude of a person. It all depends very much on how rational and how loyal they are to their partners ;)

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