Top 3 Questions Before Marriage – Finale

So, here we go… the final part of the top questions to ask yourself before marriage.

We hope you’ve learnt much from these simple questions, and will be able to make a wise decision for the BIG commitment.

1. Are you both emotionally mature?
What does it mean by this? Emotionally mature means both of you know that putting on the ring in your partner’s finger is not a mere recognition in the relationship. It is so much more than that. You are both going to live together till the rest of your lives. There are responsibilities in the decision making, knowing that each decision that you’ve made will lead to different outcomes and you’ve got to hold the responsibilities. Marriage is not a game that goes with emotions.

2. Do you share the same vision and ideas on crucial matters?
Sounds really serious, huh? Yes, indeed, it is. Marriage is not a small matter in life. It involves big matters after you both walked down the path in 20 or 30 years to come. There will be issues on career, family, kids, religion, lifestyle and values in your marriage. You will have to come to the best solution and ideas that meet your partner’s when it comes to discussions on these various issues. You can’t just say that you are going to send your kids to a private school while your partner wants a local public school. Or perhaps you might want your kids to be a Buddhist while your partner argues over converting them to Muslims. These are common issues that might happen and therefore it’s important to talk about all these even when you start walking into engagement stage in your relationship.

3. Can you stay faithful and committed to your partner for the rest of your life?
Do you have the urge in yourself that is telling you that you might want to see others even though you are just a step away from your marriage? Do you have the instinct to compare your partner to the others out there? If that is the case, you might not be ready. If you were to force yourself into marriage, you might end up divorcing or having scandals out there. Marriage is about commitment and being faithful till the rest of your life. You have to accept your partner for what he/she is and be loyal to him/her… forever. The key here is forever. You have to realize that he/she is the only one for you and if you keep comparing with others men/women, you might end up not getting into a marriage because no one is perfect. You have to be sure about your partner and your marriage. Staying committed and faithful will be the key to hold your marriage till the end of your life.


With these points to ponder, we hope you’ll be able to make a wiser decision and probably more couples can stay in marriage that last for life!

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  1. hi just got your voucher! hehe… now only get :)

  2. about marriage and faithful its always easy to say than do. :(

  3. I agree with auther i think this 3 points will really help to choose a life partner.

  4. Haha I’ll ask myself the 3 questions someday.

  5. Yup, I’m recently married, and I do think that 3 points is useful. Marriage is about commitment, if you think you can’t commit yourself for a lifelong relationship, then better to stay away from it. :)

  6. Yeah after marriage then have children

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