Top 3 Questions Before Marriage – Part 2

From the previous post, we know that the next phase in life – marriage – is not a game or something to ‘experiment’ on.

It’s more than ‘fools rush in’.

It’s something sacred that seals two hearts into one – a union that marks a new chapter in life.

Although sometimes The Wedding Game does turn into something beautiful, but in general remember that marriage is not a game, hence, do not take marriage likely…

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1. Are you looking forward to a marriage or just a wedding?

You have been attending many weddings. You may have witnessed your relatives’ and friends’ marriage which you may have secretly dreaming about walking down the aisles and hearing the wedding bells. Now that you have got a proposal from your partner recently and you are so happy about it. But let me ask you this:

What are you looking for?

Are you looking for a perfect wedding alone or are you looking further into a happily-ever-after marriage life as a family too?

Think again. A perfect wedding is just a day but it is marriage that will convert a big piece of your life to a lifelong commitment. You got so obsessed with great plans for your bridesmaids, bridal gown, photo shoots and cake but have you planned for your future? Have you planned for your future properties? Have you planned for your children? Have you planned for both your family and your partner’s? Think again. If you have thought of those, it will be great! You are now on your way to the next level in your relationship.

2. Are you ready to be a Husband/Wife?

You have been watching your parents are showing love and care incessantly, even after all the years of ups and downs. You have seen your mom and dad taking care of the family with responsibilities and commitment. What you have been witnessing all these while are nothing else but a lifelong commitment and indescribable showers of love. You never see them giving up neither do you hear them complaining about the hardships they have gone through to survive. It is much more than a wedding and sealing the husband/wife status, mind you! It is about how much you have prepared towards a lifelong commitment and responsibilities. So are you ready?

3. How much do you know about your partner’s pasts? Or to be precise, how much do you know about your partner?

Sad to say that it is undeniable that the past behavior in a relationship may somewhat contribute in our future behavior. Are there any signs of abusive behavior? Or are there any signs of infidelity, betrayals or affairs? All these must be taken into account as it might happen (again) in the future, but well, it’s not a 100% thing. What I mean here is just taking a step of precaution from heart ache and heart break. There are either partners who have bad pasts but they are willing to change for a better future ahead with someone whom they truly love. All these are hidden possibilities, you see. I’m not here to condemn all who had encountered bad or tragic pasts. It’s a matter of how much they are willing to change for their loved ones, for a brighter path in the relationship in the near future.

There are more questions you might wanna think about before saying ‘Yes’… so stay tune for more pondering questions!

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