Top 3 Questions Before Marriage – Part 3

Wow! I’m glad at least some people are starting to think about their decision seriously.

Well, there are more questions than you thought. Here they are:

1. Is your partner aware of your expectations and needs?
Ah! This is not a simple one, my friends. In my opinion, expectations and needs should be conveyed at the early stage of the relationship. It’s the best time to communicate your needs and expectations – the dos and don’ts – so that either you or your partner won’t be freaking out when they go against your expectations. It is definitely not a selfish thing to have goals set in a relationship. So just speak out!

2. Can you tolerate and live with his/her lifestyle at all?
Do you know his/her habits and lifestyle? Is he a frequent club visitor? Drinks? Smokes? Hangs out late at night with his business partners? Is he a frequent traveler? She seems to prioritize her friends more than anything else, not even you! She tends to overspend on her favorite LV, Gucci and Calvin Klein, leaving those bills for you to settle?

Do you think you want to speak out? Talk to him/her. Let your partner understand what you think about it. Discuss if there’s anything that can be done. Will you be able to take it if you are still facing this problem once you are both married to each other? If you are feeling uncomfortable about it, do talk about it and seek for solutions together with your partner. Or else, you have to continue dating to understand him/her and his/her lifestyle better, thus to accept it with your open heart before making any big ‘lifetime’ decisions.


3. Have you cleared your doubts or any questions that are on your mind?
Is there something that holds you back, makes you wonder if you have made the best choice to live your life with this person for the rest of your life? Do not misunderstand your feelings and doubts. Getting nervous just because you are getting married the next day is perfectly normal. But if there is this thought that makes you unsure about your future in regards to financial stability, security, attitude, lifestyle, especially commitment, you should give this a serious thought again. You might not be ready for a marriage if you are unsure about your future being committed to him/her for life. Clear those doubts, and get yourself the reassurance before you walk down the aisle.

There seems to be so many important questions to ponder before making any marriage decision. We’ll be sharing more in the next post.

But before that, have you had any questions that crossed your mind, which help made your decision making easier?

Do you have any tips to help dating couples make a wiser decision on their proposal to marriage?

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  1. Going over things like this before getting married will make both parties more prepared for what’s ahead

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