Top 3 Questions Before Marriage

1. Why are you getting married?

Ask yourself this question – why you are getting married. Is it because of either one of you want to get married and that’s it-


We are getting married then…

Is that so? Or you are expecting something more? Please bear this in mind that marriage is never a solution to avoid or escape from anything, and it is definitely not a game that you can take it likely, hoping there is something called ‘Game Over’ if you don’t like playing anymore. Marriage wasn’t meant to be that way and that we MUST never fool around with marriage. Find out the real reasons behind your engagement and be true to yourself if you are ready for a lifelong commitment.

2. Why did you agree to the proposal?

The word ‘yes’ is not a mere yes to agreeing a marriage. It is a ‘yes’ to a lifelong commitment. If you are agreeing to a proposal just because you don’t want to let your partner down, think again. But if you are saying ‘yes’ because you have been expecting it after a deep consideration of your future before the proposal and you know that you are really in love with your partner, wanting to live your life together, you are making a right decision.

3. What makes you think this person is Mr. or Ms. Right?

“Funny question huh? Obviously it’s because I’m crazily in love!” Now don’t get me wrong. There are quite a number of couples who were so deeply in love ended up in a broken marriage. They too thought they were meant for each other when they walked down the aisle. The key here is to know why you accept him/her to be your husband/wife but not others. There must be something that you can see in him/her, the trust, the faith and so much more inexplicable feelings for this person. It’s your instinct that tells you that you are doing the right thing at times. Do not be pressured by those around you, telling you that your time’s up, you need to get married NOW, or that you’ll live to be an old bachelor or spinster. It’s you to make the decision in your life. You take charge of it.

Enjoy this song “Will You Marry Me?” by John Berry.

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Give some serious thougtht about marriage before proposing or accepting the proposal. =)

Stay tune for more realistic question to ponder if you are REALLY ready for marriage…

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  1. wow! i can still remember clearly when i announce my marriage 3 years ago… ALL my friends asked me why!!???! many thought i was pregger but i was obviously not. well, i guess for me… it’s really LOVE, by the grace of God…

    jamie’s last blog i…?

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