Top 30 Questions To Spice Up Your Conversations On A Date – Part 2

In this blog post, here is the remaining question on spice up your conversations on a date.

16. Do you come here with friends? I heard that there’s a new restaurant opening soon in 2 weeks.

17. Do you travel often?

18. What is your favorite destination?

19. What do you prefer in food? Japanese? Western? Italian? Asian?

20. I like Italian food. I can’t really get myself interested in Japanese food though.

21. Do you have any particular interest or hobby? I like dancing. Latin especially. You?

22. Oh yes, I have learned a little bit few months back but the workload is killing me. I hardly got time to get back at the moment. Do you dance?

23. Skating is a nice one too. I have always wanted to skate. Fell many times. I remembered that I can’t even sit my ass on the chair for the first week after skating on the weekend. I’m still learning now. Not good at it.

24. You like skating? That’s awesome! Perhaps you can teach me one of these days! What do you think?

25. Oh yea, my brother has asked me to watch the movie Madagascar lately. I have watched it and it’s great!

26. What about you? What’s your latest movie that you’ve watched?

27. Oh okay. I really like the cinema here. Perhaps we could watch one of the latest movie one of these days! What do you think?

28. What do you think of the food here? It’s not too bad though. But I have better recommendation. Bring you there next time.

29. Well, it’s kind of late now. Perhaps we should make a move.

30. Nice meeting you today, ____. I am glad that you are willing to spend some of your precious time for this date. I love it much, ____. Perhaps we can arrange another date again? What do you think? All right, text me when you are home. Shall call you then. Take care and good night, ____.

Do drop your comment below if you guys have better suggestion in regards to spicing up a date conversation. Thanks :)

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  1. Question by shin chan.
    Ask a girl : What can you see in my eye?
    Your answer : You.

    ShinChan’s last blog post..A Change

  2. Well that is a sweet question :)

  3. Thank you. but i never use it before. =) so i dont know how will the girl react

    ShinChan’s last blog post..A Change

  4. In response to ShinChan’s question, I would highly recommend guys not to do that. You would be asking me “why so?”. Simple, an average looking girl would have at least 2-5 guys going after her at the same time as you are.

    Answering what she asked in this situation will just make you be like every other normal guy she’s dated, hence you’re predictable and boring(This is what MOST guys do wrong in dates):

    Girl: What can you see in my eye?
    You: You.
    Girl: awww, thats so sweet.. (silence+awkward momment) <— bad sign.

    Instead, I would highly recommend you to answer her in an unpredictable funny,cocky and teasing way:

    Girl: What can you see in my eye?
    You: EEEEW~ Eye shit!! (Laughs cunningly)
    Girl: Oh my god! You’re so mean!!! (Giggles) <— good sign. This is what you want.

    In conclusion, girls like someone to humour them.. someone thats not afraid to joke with them and tease them.. this is the era where sweettalks dont work anymore.. it’s all about mind-f**king and playing hard to get. Anyway all of this is just my 2 cents worth.. You can do some research on what I’m saying or you can just keep doing your stuff =), just sharing my experiences.

  5. @ Hbr1

    Thanks for dropping by. There is no right or wrong ways about spicing up date conversation. It is really depends whether the partner (guy/girl) can take jokes or not. :)

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