Top 5 Movies To Watch On A First Date

A while back, Cupid Blogger posted an article up about suggestions for good first dates. This breaks one of those ideas down: good movies.

Now, first dates aren’t always perfect and/or memorable. They can be excruciating to the nervous system, and we often find that things get complicated under pressure and we forget that you can easily have a good time for practically nothing.

Renting a DVD, for example, is cheap, and you won’t have to worry about things getting out of hand… especially if his/her parents are home. Some movies can be real mood-killers, for example, movies that drag on to forever, movies that are overly political (unless you both are into that), and movies you really have to concentrate on (leaving little, or no time at all to get to know each other).

Here are a couple of suggestions for your next night in…

1. Into The Blue

Courtesy of Into The Blue

Courtesy of Into The Blue

Movies for guys have their appeal, and girls like them something else. For once, here’s something both sexes can agree on! With action, romance, thrills, and ridiculously good looks jam-packed into a good hour and a half, Into the Blue is a blue-ribbon winner.

Paul Walker topless for 70% of the film and Jessica Alba in a bikini promises that both parties will be paying attention, but the storyline is as deep as a puddle, allowing for a little ‘date time’ when the shooting scenes get old.

Afterwards, you can talk about what you would have done differently with the movie… or if you would have even bothered getting it off paper in the first place.

2. Scream

Courtesy of Scream

Courtesy of Scream

While horror movies with people in Halloween masks got old sometime around when Michael Jackson released ‘Thriller’, Scream is sure to help an awkward date.

A girl is allowed to jump into her date’s arms without coming off as easy, and guys are sure to love the physical aspect of this classic crowd-pleaser.

It’s easier to get closer this way, especially if you’re not the talking type, and let’s face it; scary movies always make good dates. There’s something to be said for all the shrieking, screaming, and predictable surprises.

3. Titanic

Courtesy of Titanic

Courtesy of Titanic

While you wouldn’t want your date coming down to a sinking end, or getting depressed enough that it leads to a cold, slow death, the sad ending to this story gets girls’ feelings all fired up, and suddenly, the thought of a relationship will seem very appealing – ideal, if that’s what you’re looking for, and if you want to make it clear that you want to be considered in a certain way.

Girls, use the necklace scene to bait your date in, and guys, really, what’s not to like about that? It’s sweet, an old lady narrates the film, and here’s a fun fact; it’s based on a true story!

4. Sex and the City: The Movie/Fast and the Furious I/II/III/IV

This is where it gets a little tricky. If you’re stuck with the pick of DVD tonight, these two are good to please one sex or the other (and that’s where you pick the one that you know the other will prefer). If you’re a guy looking for a movie to make yourself seem a little more sensitive, understanding that girls love their talk-time and bringing a copy of SATC over will rack you up a couple of points.

Courtesy of Sex And The City

Courtesy of Sex And The City

Courtesy of The Fast And The Furious

Courtesy of The Fast & The Furious

And if you’re a girl who wants to win over your man’s heart but aren’t willing to start from the stomach, then showing that you’re “cool” enough to appreciate a film that revolves around cars will do the trick. Besides, no Fast and the Furious is all bad – Paul Walker (again!) and Vin Diesel. Can you say ooh la la?

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

First dates can be pretty nerve-wrecking, and there’s nothing better than a light-hearted comedy to ease the tension. It works a lot better than alcohol too. So instead of heading over to the nearest 7-Eleven for a 6-pack, rent Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead and enjoy getting a few laughs in on what’s about to be a good date. Get a delivery pizza and enjoy the film’s relatively imaginative plot while you break the silence with laughter.

Courtesy of Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Courtesy of Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Another good thing about the movie is that it’s generous with images of the human anatomy, and we’ve seen too much of women’s body parts on screen these days and it’s about time us girls got our fair share! Guys, all is not lost – since Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie stole the limelight, you’ve probably forgotten how hot that girl from That 70’s Show was. Prepare to be reminded… Mila Kunis does not disappoint!

What kind of movies would you want to watch on a first date?

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  1. here’s what i think good movies for the first date:
    1)50 first dates-the title fits in and you can never go wrong when Adam sandler in it.

    2)theres something about marry-cute,romantic and funny..just a laid back movie and just plain simple.

    3)tristan and isolde- if you wanna go for something serious, but still about love,this one is a good choice.(if u dont mind the slow pace of that movie)

    cant think of anything else at the moment..will add in later on…:)

    TipsGoda’s last blog post..7 Big Reasons Why Sex Is Good For You

  2. i still love Twilight… “you are my life now…”

    jamie’s last blog i…?

  3. I for one cannot use forgetting sarh marshall as my date is madly in love with russell brand

  4. i personally think that mushy movies are a real no no for a first date, it makes things awkward if you dont want to think too far ahead and just enjoy each others company, i think its important on both parts to show that they have good taste in movies rather than going for the conventional chick flick or horror. good first date movies that ive seen include

    pulp fiction (possibly not everyones taste but they’re great movies and if you spend time talking during them then you can always watch them properly another time)

    500 days of summer (romanticy but not cheesy and very alternative and cooky)

    kick ass (hilarious and great music)

    breakfast at tiffanys (for a more girl-friendly option, its a classic, not too mushy, but stil a beautiful story, and audrey hepburn is an absolute doll in it)

    amelie (subtitled but stil one of the most lovely movies ive ever seen, offbeat, unique, funny, sweet, its just a really great film)

    anyways i would always recommend that perhaps the person choosing the movie should definately have seen the movie they’v chosen before they watch it together. I remember going to see Shutter Island on a first date last year and it just went ON and ON and ON and some bits were a biiiit too much for a first date, not even scary enough that you could cuddle, just weird.

    Its a tough decision, but someone has to make it, and frequently its us girls that get saddled with it. But hey, we do have the best taste ; ]

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