Top 6 Places For First Date

After giving the 3 basic tips on choosing the right location for the first date, here are some ideal places to recommend:

1. Shopping mall – This is a popular place for most dates. Shopping malls have restaurants, cinema, boutiques, etc. You will not make the whole date only about you, but to have your date be entertained by events in the mall, window shopping, checking out some new latest arrivals, etc. It will not be a boring one. Trust me.

2. Ice-skating ring – Ice-skating ring is a fun one to many couples. It will be great for the first date too, if only both of you are daring enough to give it a try. Holding hands while skating can give the immediate sparks in your date. Who knows, you might be holding hands even after skating.

3. Theme park – This will be a fun outing. You will not have to worry if your date is bored. A date in the theme park will bring your date even closer to you after having much fun there. It is a safe choice but find out if your date has any health problems. Some games are not safe for your date if that’s the case.

4. Restaurant/Cafe – A date in a restaurant can be a romantic one. Find out your date’s favorite food before arranging any dates in a restaurant. Suggest a Japanese restaurant if your date likes Japanese food. A date in a restaurant is among the top favorite place for a date. This allows more conversation between you and your date. It is often an enjoyable one. Some prefer places like Starbucks or Coffee Bean. It is usually a quick one and conversations are usually shorter and more casual than having a date in the typical restaurant for food.

5. Cinema – This is usually a safe one. Going for movies is a common yet interesting one. However, prioritize your date’s preference. Get to an agreement where both of you will enjoy the selected movie as much.

6. Beach – If your date agrees on going to the beach for a date, why not?

Personally, Shopping Mall, Restaurant and Theme Park are my preferred places for a meet up. It works on me and effective at all time. :)

What about you guys?  Do share your preferred location for first date using the comment form below.

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  1. what about parks?i think its a good dont spend that much,less distraction means more ‘actual’ time spend with your partner,and its romantic..

    plus there are tons of activities you can do at parks.just need 2 be creative with it..;)

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..The Word ‘Sayang’ and The Word ‘Love’.Read So You Dont Do This Mistake

  2. christy.yong says:

    Hey tipsgoda :) Yeah I thought of park too last time. It’s a great place to some couples too. But i do realize that there are many ‘beginners’ who find that the places i mentioned above are more comfortable to them as there are available ‘positive distractions’. They might feel awkward going out on their first date. Park is a bit quiet and some might find it kinda hard for them. Some couples are perfectly fine with parks. So well, to be safe, I have eventually listed the above as The Top 6. The park is a great place, perhaps for the 2nd or later dates..

    Thanks for the idea, tipsgoda :)

  3. Tipsgoda,

    Well i would agree with Christy. Park is a nice place but not all people will like it…as it depends which park and time they go to the park..

    Some girls may not comfortable with it as some park are hot..:)

    I would still prefer shopping mall…and theme park as it works for me

  4. hehe..girls really LOVE the shopping mall huh?hehe

    maybe park in malaysia are hot and sometimes are boring..but there are a few parks that i think is a good place to start..

    *i think malaysians should use their parks more.Just to make it more happening place and not being too quiet and haunted..

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..The Word ‘Sayang’ and The Word ‘Love’.Read So You Dont Do This Mistake

  5. And ShinChan appear.
    There is no doubt that a shopping mall is the most comfortable and easiest place to be and everyone just love it.
    In a Shopping mall we can find Restaurant,
    ice skating ring for sunway pyramind,
    Theme park for Kl times Square,
    Man made beach at sunway pyramind,
    and a good GSC cinema at any where shopping mall you go.

    Its like a good package to date in a shopping mall.
    We can even play bowling and other games too.

    ShinChan’s last blog post..My mind

  6. @tipsgoda,

    there is no right or wrong when comes to place for your first date as long as you are happy and the girl/guy is comfortable with it…


    I would agree with you as shopping mall gives you more option and activity to do like movie, bowling, or even indoor rock climbing :)

  7. yea…i think the date is much more important..after all..its all about you and your dating partner.

    No matter where the date is,what you do with your gf/bf is the most impotant thing;)

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..The Word ‘Sayang’ and The Word ‘Love’.Read So You Dont Do This Mistake

  8. christy.yong says:

    Oh wow! LOL. Yea, yea, tipsgoda. What matter most is what you do with your partner, which means that includes location too, somehow :)

  9. hehe..why do i get a feeling this will go on and on..ok lets sums up..good partner+great location=fantastic date

    tipsgoda’s last blog post..You Girlfriend Is Jealous Because You Have Another Girl.Do You?

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