Ways To Release Tension On Your First Date

To some, this topic sounds funny.

“What is so scary about first date?”

“Just go date her and get laid!”

“He is cute! You are lucky, girl! Nothing scary at all”

Well, to those who have encountered this kind of situation, don’t worry about it. There are few ways to help you out to look confident on your first date:

1. Practice on your verbal communication – Read the tips I have given and practice it always. Practice makes perfect and it applies to almost everything in the world. Read more on dating conversation skills, know that questions to be asked on a date are mostly logical and common sense ones, and practice your verbal communication with friends on and offline to get used to it.

2. Take it easy with your first date – Your first date wants to know more about you and he/she is definitely have the same curiosity and excitement to meeting up. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Take things easy so that you will not be that nervous when you meet up your date.

3. SMS or chat more on the few hours before meeting up – This is to make you feel better about your date. This method can make you feel closer to your date before meeting up, thus lessen the tensed feeling in you.

4. Your date is just like everyone else – Bear this in mind and start chatting with your date just like how you do to other friends of yours, just that your intention here is to know more about your date. Let your conversations flow naturally.

5. Don’t be afraid – There is no right or wrong in a date. Be relaxed and don’t be afraid or intimidated. Things should go smoothly and even if things don’t work, it’s not your fault. It is just that you have not met the right one.

Take it easy. There are 6.7 billions of people in the world. You can easily get the next date scheduled if this doesn’t work. Happy dating!

Any suggestion guys on how you release tension on your first date? :)

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  1. going on a date can be a nerve wrecking experince to some…but as they always said,practice makes perfect…

    go on a couple more dates and you get use to it,and less tense…

    again,great tips and topic:)

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  2. thanks for visiting, tipsgoda :D

    you are absolutely right…practice makes perfect…:)

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