What is Love

Sitting down alone quietly at a serene park, tuning in to some love songs in the 70s or 80s (according to your own preference), try relaxing yourself and get absorbed into the atmosphere. Watching some couples holding hands, having small talks, smiling as they walk by, start to ponder a little on love. What is love? What is it that you have been missing out? Who do you want to be with at this very moment? What do you want to say when he or she is right next to you? If only we could turn the clock back, what would you wish to do?

I personally enjoy sitting alone in a lovely park whenever my significant other is not around. With the only companion of birds’ chirping and hustling leaves to be heard while I tune in to my favorite love songs that I have compiled, I am very much impressed with the eternal truth, love.

Many definitions from different views and sources for the meaning of love have been given and yet no one can give the proper definition of love. Believe it or not, the meaning of love changes with each different relationship, depending more on its versatility and complexity. At certain times in a relationship, the meaning of love have been questioned when something goes haywire.

Time has passed and will never return. It has been centuries, the bonds between couples have strengthened, relationships have bloomed and so has love. Love has been made out to be mysterious, complex and indefinable. No matter how well you define or feel it, love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind.

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  1. Well..Many people don’t know the terms of Love as well.
    They often mistake LOVE as something else.
    Till now,I do still think what is love actually.

  2. christy.yong says:

    yea. love vs infatuation, love vs lust etc.. Love, it’s a magical feeling, the eternal truth. People fall in and out of love easily, without knowing the beauty of love, at times :(

  3. Love…some think of it as a term used for meeting someone the like very much in their life, some think of it like you have found someone who could charge you up and give you power that’s beyond what you have now, some thinks of it as in terms of a person who could make you happy for the rest of your life…^^ Well, coming across an article today, i saw one gal asking the “Dear Thelma” section in “The Star” newspaper, i can’t help but to want to ask the gal, “do you really know what love is? or are you just so infatuated with that guy’s good intentions and shower of love that you think you are in love?”…because that gals seems to think more about monetary terms than being able to go down the road and share the pains and joy of being in love^^

    That’s right, love is wonderful and sweet, but it doesn’t meant that there’ll be no obstacles that will eventually lead to better path “if” you can actually overcome it with your partner. She thinks that by getting into a prestige University she’ll get a very good lifestyle up ahead in the future…in short, get the best uni, and you get the best paid jobs, and you can live a luxurious life^^ well, you may get a luxurious salary plus if you get through with flying colors during your study years, but don’t ever think that living luxuriously means you will have a happy life. Nothing is guaranteed in life, so we do the best we do and treat the people around you the best we can, so at least we won’t have regrets later on in life^^

    Anyhow, i think she’s just being too spoilt by her parents from the start till now, because, she said she’s froma well-off family, and she gets what she wants all the time. The guy is from a poor family, he earns everything he has and i know this guy appreciates everything he has in his life because he knows what is hardship, she doesn’t. She said she sacrifice her opportunity to get to a good uni by purposely doing bad in her pre-university exams. By that she thinks it’s a great sacrifice, but later on, she said she regretted it because she gave in to her bf’s persuasion that she stays back and don’t go overseas. Anyone can guess what’s in her mind now.

    Her parents way of showering her with materialistic things in her life has somehow made her think everything should be about money, well, can’t blame her, life without money is hard, but sometimes we can always go back to the root and find that, even in the poorest of lifes, there’s always love, and through love, anything is possible in life. Nothing is ever impossible, it’s just we haven’t found the way yet^^ I do hope that some people who loves themselves too much, try to stop letting other love you if you don’t know how to return the love, because you are hurting someone if you do so

  4. christy.yong says:

    Hey Barry! That’s an interesting one i see ;) Well, yea it’s a waste huh. Love has blinded her conscience. Hopefully she realize things and won’t be repeating the same mistake again. People grow from each relationships. It’s just a matter of how lucky they are. Some costs them lives! She’s still lucky though.

  5. the gifs up there is nice – bigger versions available? anyway love…is so fleeting like…youth. it’s like optimism – wears out with time. someone disprove me :)

  6. @ Barry

    Thanks for dropping by and constructive comment. Well i did read and came across the article in ‘Dear Thelma’ at The Star Newspaper today.

    In my opinion, i find the girl is just immature for relationship as she can’t differentiate love and materialistic. If she really loves the guy sincerely and truthfully, why she care about what present she is getting on Valentines Day and star comparing with her friend’s boyfriend which most of them are from well to do family.

    In fact,she is just selfish and never thought about the sacrifice the guy have given her like working part time for extra money and spend money on her.

    @ Christy, you are right as people do really learn and grow from relationship no matter it is good or bad experience :)

  7. Back in secondary school right up to university times, I always enjoy watching romantic comedies…Getting excited when couple first meet; melt when the guy used many romantic techniques to win the girl’s heart; frustrated when things come between them; finally a warm glow when they are finally together, whisper the ever-so-sweet three words and *drumrolls* the KISS of true LOVE…

    But wait…

    What’s the conclusion? The ending almost always show them getting married…or walking off into the sunset…etc etc

    I think that’s where Hollywood and romance books fool all hopeless romantics like me…To expect a fairy-tale love life…Is that really the true ending? NO…definitely not…(took me quite a few failed relationships to get my head around)

    To me, ‘love’ just means a very strong attraction + desire to be with that person…Everyone can say ‘I love you’…But not everyone can make a relationship last…

    So, I feel that love is important but not enough to maintain a relationship…Forgiveness, understanding, contentment are equally (if not, more) important…

  8. Hi Katilyn,

    Thanks for dropping by…you are right when it comes to movie or romance books have a happy ending as part of their marketing strategy…but in real life, that is not the way it is..

    When a person go through several relationship no matter good or bad, he/she will learn from it.

    Yup you are right – The phrase “I Love You” is a just a word where everyone can say it…relationship last or not, it really depends on you and your partner’s commitments and level of understanding or in the layman term – “Chemistry”

  9. christy.yong says:

    I agree with Kaitlyn :) Thanks for dropping by :)

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